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This is a call to youths to heartedly embrace Christ and not to turn their backs on God. Jesus is alive and your best friend forever.

God is real and living with His warm hands stretched to all, especially the youths to enjoy His kindness and loving care. The Church is not only for the elderly. God is good to all. Hence, we encourage youths to come to Christ, because the enormous benefits to them are beyond words. Jesus Christ has given us abundantly things to enjoy and nothing is ever lost from His Lordship or our relationship with Him.

Christianity is very clean, open and fashionable only when we obey the commandments of God in Christ Jesus spiritually and not religiously. God is not against the thoughts and things youths like, but only wants to show and give us the best of those tools without stress or pains. Proper communication between Ministers and society must be encouraged in this regard.

We should appeal to youths and society largely not with resentment for their actions or judgmental attitude, but with loving heart and prayers. We should embrace their situations from within by showing them good example to follow in Christ Jesus.

The adversary is so particular on its attack on youths, because of their high strength level. The adversary do not want their strong vigor used against its domain, hence it has falsely stocked the youths with lots of activities and devices that takes their minds away from God. However, we can turn those things in service of God and get the best reward.

We encourage all to study the Holy Bible for their ultimate benefit by asking the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us with His wise understanding. The Holy Scripture is the diagram of all human content. Know who you really are by opening your heart to the Holy Spirit when studying the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is not a literary book, but spiritual texture of humanity programs and purpose forever.

Nobody can run away from his or her skin!                                   

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Message---The Holy Bible is your life diagram. Thoroughly search to find your real you.


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