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When Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, He was emphasizing the victory, love, kindness, power, and purity from God the Father is now connected, alive with His own (believers) with humility. That is, He has cleansed us from our debts or dirt, because He is perfection and made us pure in Him as one with God. The whole idea is for us to reflect His godly examples into the lives of others with humility and true love. The message is that of service in love to others as God also did to us through Christ Jesus with His perfect love. Symbolically, it means for believers to touch the world with the excellent Spirit from God the Father in Christ Jesus in us. "Christ in me the hope of God's glory." The only true audacity of hope.

When in the Holy Bible, we see a passage where God says "my servant." This simply means those in service of His will not as slaves in bondage. Nobody is slave to God, but privilege children in carrying out His assignment or gifts in us to others with love. The use of our gifts to others is the spiritual meaning of servant as expressed in the Holy Scripture. It is a position of honor, just as President or Governors are public servants, meaning representatives, public mandates/officers to the people.

When Jesus said, "the Kingdom of God is at hand." He means God's divine presence is now available on earth in His holy name. That means, those who accept His Lordship have accepted the divine presence of God into their lives and will receive the benefit of the heavenly Kingdom, which is the Holy Spirit. The residence of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of faithful is that the eternal glory of God is here on earth forever. The phrase is not that of expectation or rapture, but that the values and vision of God is now of practical reality by the Holy Spirit through believers in the name of Christ Jesus here on earth. Adam sold the authority or access to the Kingdom of God. Thank God the Father in the name of Christ Jesus that the Glory is now restored back to humanity by the everlasting Peace covenant.

Where in the Holy Scripture you see the expression I AM a jealous God. This does not mean God has the negative trait of jealousy, but that of illimitable care for His children base on truth. What this simply means is that the comfort, love and righteous laws of God the Father keeps us safe and prosperous. He wants the best for us and requires us to keep ourselves within this good boundary of His infinite liberty and provisions. God is not jealous with the adversary, because they not of the same class as the adversary is far lesser, but wants us to live above the tendencies of the impostors by focusing on His Spirit in the name of Christ Jesus. What God is saying into our heart is not to compromise His love for us with hate, sin and death. The message is that of guidance to the best we deserve, which He has made available to us only if we can stand and hacked down the manipulations from the impostor, who wants to steal our true inheritance.

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