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Walk in the Spirit.                                                                     

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This topic is very important to human existence. That is to live the full that God has created us to be.

There is no shortcut to walk in the Spirit of Christ as it starts with our loving heart and obedience to the goodwill of God. Some do not believe, well that is their decision, but ironically, statistics have shown that more than 70% of those who do not believe, always submit to God either when they are critical sick or near their death period. Although, God has no objection as to when one chooses to follow Him, however one wonders the number of people that may have been deceived with the initial rejection of Christ and how wonderful, it would have been to have enjoyed His best while we were younger and not at bad situation.

Anyway, salvation has no time limit or barrier. Age is not a preference, though enjoying His best here on earth as it is in heaven is a privilege, which should encourage folks to come to Christ Jesus early in life.

This then leads us to the issue at hand.

The spirit realm whether we like to hear it or not is very real. Although is not what we can see with our physical eyes, but we can engage in the activities of this realm through love, peace, truth and other godly virtues as living witnesses in our hearts and bodies. All human have enormous gifts deposited in us and these become fulfilled with our connection with the true living Spirit.

The true and good Spirit gives and promotes peace, love, light, hope, happiness, truth, wealth, and health to mention few. The wrong spirit fights against your satisfaction in life and its final purpose is to destroy humanity. God forbid, because this is what Christ Jesus has corrected for us/humanity.

Therefore, to live the fulfilled life God has given to us through Christ Jesus, we must move from just believing to walking in the Spirit of God.  This is because; believers are not earthly beings though with flesh, but heavenly or spiritual beings in Christ Jesus as light and hope to the world.

To walk in the Spirit of Christ is exercising our rights and duties as His mandate/representatives to rule the world with His blessed virtues. Thus, to achieve true success according to the command of God, believers must move their attention and activities into the heavenly (spiritual) realm in Christ Jesus.

Mind you, Christ Jesus has already given us free access to the heavenly realm by His Spirit that dwells in us (Romans 5: 1-2)

This means, we are to exercise our fellowship, earthly activities, and sight on the resurrection and glorious power of Christ Jesus, by subjecting our fleshy activities under the power of the Holy Spirit, who is Life in us. This makes us victors and not victims here on earth with our glorious King.

The living connection to this Eternal Glory is now available to all humanity through Christ Jesus, who is the very divine expression of the Eternal God. To get into this connection/privilege with God is by faith in Christ Jesus, who is the Anointed One. He is the Savior of humanity from sin and death to assured Life

Those who have this faith in their heart in Christ Jesus are known as believers (Christians).

The special gift God has given to every believer is for greatness only when we walk in the Spirit of Christ. These are the true freedom fighters?soldiers of Christ bring light and liberty to the world. The follow steps would greatly help us to walk in the Spirit of Christ.

(a) Develop committed prayer regimen with minimum of 7-14 hours every week

(b) Study the Holy Bible and always ask the Holy Spirit to open your understanding to the spiritual revelation of God words as He instructed those prophets whom He inspired.

(c) Fast and pray for increase in the revelation of God's glory into our heart and body. This key would open many doors to other spiritual and physical uplifts.

(d) Meditate on the word of God. To use your gifts effectively, we must mediate on His words and see His picture as living vision on all our activities.

(e) Memorize His words and most essentially, walk on the Word in the eyes of your heart and exercise in that vision by bring your body in subjection to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Remember, Jesus told Peter, come and he did walk on the water?until he looked elsewhere. The same spiritual principle is applicable here. Walk on the word of God and witness true living power of God in Christ Jesus in your life.

With these basic points, God would open Himself magnificently and direct your steps to greatness and enduring prosperity

Thanks and blessing is your identity.

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Message: The peace that takes us above is the peace that comes from obedience to Truth.



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