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                                                                                Two kinds of spirits.

What do we really mean by two kinds of spirits, someone just asked?                                                        Bookmark and Share

Well to start with, it would be appropriate to make it clear that the spiritual realm, which we do not physically see with our optical eyes, is very real or even more real than the physical.

It is not just things above the cloud or sky, but is the unseen consciousness that has direct effect on the seen consciousness. It is not mental or mere imagination neither dreams, but the existing activities in the invisible conscious reality, which is higher than the physical reality. It is not the movements or activities of other human forms like the assume UFO's, rather it is the characteristics of supernatural state of being with existing capacity to influence the natural state either positively or negatively depending on the source.

An example from the good Spirit shows that when Jesus walked on water and healed the sick, He was actually transferring or exercising the power of the superior consciousness, been of the higher or supernatural realm (Spirit) into the earthly realm, which humans term miracles. The same it was when He commanded the wave of the sea to stop.

However, there have always been questions from great human thinkers from time past to present and would be into the future of the activities of the supernatural and what correlation do they have with human existence.

Scientific, philosophical, astrological and other natural mystic arrangements all have good probing questions concerning the spiritual realm and the categorization of its existence. Notwithstanding, their understanding and limitations to the spiritual realm is self-inflicting, because their suppositions are totally based on notional stimulations of the mind and not spiritual enthusiasm to tap from truth.

Nonetheless, this write up is not to that discourse, rather is to simply highlight the clear differences between the two kinds of spirits, and lay the foundation for people to draw their conclusion base on respective attractions and interactions.

There are two kinds of spirit. One is the good Spirit and the other is the bad spirit (Evil). There is no middle or compromise spirit of the center.

The identity of the good Spirit include among others purity, love, peace, patience, joy, humility, health, gentleness, kindness, truth, innocence, goodness, finesse, decency, progressive agendas and life eternal.

The identity of the bad spirit include among others lies to one self and to others, hatred, fornication, uncleanness, filthiness, sodomy (sex through the anus whether with male or female) envy, murder or killing, confusion, back stabbing, disrespect to parents and others, rape, arrogance, destructive agendas, stealing and death.

Whichever side one belongs in terms of acceptance to the spiritual realm or not, these activities play themselves out through human persons in our daily existence.

How, someone ask?

Like we rightly said before, we do not see these spirits, but they see us and work through human vessels to achieve their respective purpose. The heart that is submissive to evil spirit would become an agent of this spirit and the person is directed to carrying out the intentions of the impostor. Evil spirit enters into people and directs their actions. Reference (John 13: 27)

Here are some examples; a woman once said she heard voices in her head telling her to throw her 5 kids into the sea, which she eventually did and they all died (spirit of destruction)

In another scenario, a man who was very depress with his situation went home and shot his 2 years old child through the mouth, because he assume that would solve his problems.

A young man took the laws into his hands and shot to death more than 10 school kids, because he wants his name heard on national TV.

A young man believes in the spiritual deception that he was born with a particular sexual preference. In due course, he developed lustful affection to his male friend or paternal sister and eventually had sexual relationship with them.

However, there is a woman somewhere unnoticed, praying for souls to receive love and strength to overcome whatever challenges they are going through in life.

There are people who voluntarily lock themselves up in building, and praying for the sick in hospitals, the homeless and other displaced citizens to get well. There are people who pray for the safety of their environment and country from the hands of those who want to kill innocent ones.

There are those who are spreading their hearts and hands of compassion to others in need. There are those, who in the face of excruciating pressures refuse to compromise with truth on issues. There are those, who put peace, hope and strength into the lives of others with their good conducts.

The vision of our outstanding scientists, past and present who have develop programs helpful to humanity, all received such insight from the good Spirit. Whenever any person aspires to use his or her given talent to improve society for the better, then they ought to be grateful to the Creator for the privilege they have been given to serve and not for them to assume they created their brains or intellect themselves. Whoever plots to use his or her gift to destroy their neighbor undeservingly is on shameful course and serves the wrong spirit.

Our message is that the beauty of science and technology to humanity is part of the agenda of the good Spirit. The works of these scientists are not magic, neither are they from other planets, because their thought process is part of the gift from the good Spirit, developed into materials of assistance to humanity.

The only snag is that the hidden mind of men is full with pride, and that is the reason they mostly disapprove of God. They want all the credit forgetting that the Creator did their brain cells and tissues to serve humanity good interest.



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