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                                                                            How can truth set us free?

Truth is origin, friendly, open, strength, wealth, victory, love and excellence. Truth never takes away, it always give. It always promotes better standard. It never submit to defeat, it always shines as light, love, happiness, health and peace. Truth is the ultimate power expressed with kindliness. Truth is liberty fulfilled.

The source and perfect destination of truth is from the Creator of existence.  Life or human existence is more than the physical, but is first spiritual.

Do not take those philosophical axioms from those limited classrooms, where postulations come from saying there is no God. If they say there is no God, what about evil. Are they going to deny that wickedness and all other atrocities are human creations or mechanical too? Why are they mostly scared to dare talk or question evil?

An old friend once said, he does not believe there is God or the faith of Christ Jesus. However, this same person is home and master of occultist practices. What a contradiction and deceitful tendencies of men! This same fellow believes in the gods of iron, stones, dead ancestors, and so forth. Tell me, who is fooling who?

Why is it that people say something and do the opposite, which is mean hypocrisy? 

To the evolutionists, this is your question. Show us one creation or human specie in the last 100 years that is still transforming from ape to human (evolving). Why did evolution stop, if life is from evolution?

To the big bang theorists, give us any calculation of the next explosion or collusion, or the mathematical calculation when the sun is going to split into pieces? Do we have any scientific program that can change the setting of the sun?

Do not get us wrong. That is, great scientific inquiries, discoveries, and answers concerning the galaxy are quite applauded.

However, these postulations cannot give direct answers to creation neither to the immense spiritual management of God or of the spiritual..

The reason is that, God with His love, peace, excellence and beauty is the only immeasurable, living existence that invested His best and produces His best, which no human mind can logically explain.

Therefore, truth is the profound divine privilege to see and express the heart of God in holiness, love and excellence over all things. Truth is the sustaining power of light and success. It is the place where what we really are transparently revealed. This is the absolute power and life of God on display in any given situation above human pressures or manipulations. Truth never looses sight or focus of her goal, which is the expression of peace, liberty and prosperity.

Truth represents the perfect display of goodness, wealth and openness. Truth has no duplicate, because life span is infinite which truth gives.

Truth frees us into our inheritance, because it is practical power used for good and breaks those barriers that keep us away from reality. Hence, with her power in human display, truth exposes the genuine purpose and guides us to the position of confidence and inner joy, which is true fulfillment and ultimate victory.

Truth knows her position is right, helpful and excellent, thus would never negotiate for less nor compromise her position for deflated results. Truth is access to successful living.                                                                                                                                                                    

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Message---"Faith is to see, experience and transparently appreciate life in true love"

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