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How or why we need to study the Holy Bible.

First, we wish to express our sincere apology to those who have been wronged or Christians, whose attention to Christ Jesus has been damaged by the unruly attitude of some ministers in the Church. This apology is necessary because negative actions from officials in the Church are wrong and does not represent the true position of Christ Jesus in His good service to humanity. These wrong actions tend have weaken the faith of some and destroyed the interest of others to Christ Jesus.

Nonetheless, there is every hope as Jesus Christ is the only true assurance to happiness, peace, success and love into the human center. Therefore, we urge people to use those bad experiences as challenge to learn from and get closer to God in the name of Christ Jesus.

As a follow up, we understand the different contentions out there concerning the Holy Bible. These different perceptions and questions somehow have led to the low interest in studying the Holy Bible especially in our present world.

However, brothers and sisters all over the world, hear this very loud and clear. The Holy Bible is the true, genuine or original picture, diagram or content of humanity and is the only spiritual companion that saves. The Holy Bible is the only spiritual expression to your freedom, others enslaves. The following points among many others would help to guide us to studying the Holy Bible.


  1. The Holy Bible is an inspiration, revelation or insight of the spiritual realm from the divine God through holy human vessels with the purpose of expressing the perfect love and freedom from God to humanity established in His peace covenant through Christ Jesus. From the book of Genesis to Revelation is one faultless exposure into the divine promise or goodness to humanity fulfilled in Christ Jesus, who is the only true and perfect One from the everlasting throne of Glory.

  2. Hence, the first information to anyone that wants to study, understand and grasp from the Holy Bible is that the letters were written by human vessels as directed by the Holy Ghost.  Nevertheless, the Spirit of those letters is what really matter and is what gives life. Seek the Spirit of those holy words by asking the Holy Spirit to guide and open your heart to His awesome revelations.

  3.  The Holy Bible has literary and historical attributes. However, the unique or true identity of everyone on earth; past, present and future are in the Holy Bible. This means, our true picture and the great vision of God in us becomes reality with our openness to the spiritual significance of the Holy Bible.

  4. Do not study the Bible to please or criticize anyone. Neither should it be an exercise to becoming a Church official or worker. Learn to study the Holy Bible because of your love for Godís righteousness, revelation and kindness. Then, let our sincere yawning honor His truth, peace and power, by opening ourselves for His virtues to express themselves through us by the Holy Spirit. Through this process, God would expound His greatness in us to the right and best direction, either to becoming a minister or superlative chief executive of Multinational companies. Studying the Bible should be an enjoyable exercise, because no other text in human existence can ever measure up to Holy Bible, which gives us infinite hope, satisfaction and life.

  5. Studying the Holy Bible gives us higher skills, awareness and favor into our mundane activities. For example, mere studying and quoting relevant verses on an issue gives good result to our regular day to day activities.  .

  6. Study the Bible to know your true rights and responsibilities in life. This means, as we know more of the revelations from the Holy Bible, we become stronger spiritually, physically, mentally and in other good areas of life. Most of the lies or deceit around would not get to us, because we are installed in Truth. We become valuable personalities to our families, friends, and the world.

  7. The Holy Bible is a cleanser. By studying and keeping the word of God in our heart, the word cleans up the dirt and wicked tendencies inside out. Thereafter, the word of God brightens up our real vision and purpose as light. A lady once said to me, each time she opens and try to read the Holy Bible, she always gets monstrous pictures on her focus. Well, those pictures are the awful things in her, which unknowingly keeps her in bondage and clouds her vision by directing her attention from true freedom. Therefore, the Holy Bible sets us free from wickedness and other evil things, which we do not see with our naked eyes, but the Spirit of the word of God (Holy Bible) sees and destroys them for our enjoyable liberty.

  8. The Holy Bible is the source of truth. Therefore, studying the Holy Bible is necessary to become familiar with and to live in truth. The more we build our personality on truth; our influence will unintentionally increase though with humility. The Bible gives us the experience of true wellness in all areas of life. The Bible explains and guides us as leaders.

  9. The more we study the Holy Bible, the better and effective our prayer life become. The more our prayer life becomes, the higher our strength to bring down barriers and achieve great success. Therefore, the more we are equipped to spread light, excellence, humility, peace, success, happiness and finesse to our world.

  10. Studying the Holy Bible is the greatest investment one can bestow on his or her life and coming generation. The reason most great minds and very rich people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffer to mention few invest their resource into charities, is simply because, they are in search of truth, peace and true love within, which gives true fulfillment to life. These virtues are the perfect ingredients the Holy Bible freely gives to us to enjoy.

  11. Studying the Holy Bible would greatly help to advance, science, astronomy, technology and other human discoveries, because God wants the best for humanity. That is the reason He equipped scientists, inventors and great minds with their brains. However, the issue is that most of these minds refuse to appreciate life that is from God for our good and not for evil tendencies or manipulations. The Holy Bible is not against modernity, rather is men who have wrongly using slogans to deceive others, only to promote their narrow interest. Seek truth to experience your inestimable value to creation.

  12. Tell somebody about Jesus! The only true liberty to humanity.

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Simple prayer

Heavenly Father, you are the only true and perfect God. I thank you for your Word of Life to me in the name of Christ Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. As your Spirit of truth led people who wrote the Holy Scripture, I ask that same Spirit of Truth to guide me, strengthen me and fill me with the fullness of your revelation in my heart as I study the Holy Bible in Jesus name...Amen.


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