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How to naturally cure stress. 

First, stress is mental weariness transmitted to the physical body, which could lead to depression or break down. However, these simple facts would help to naturally take care of this issue (Stress).

  1. The first therapy is with the name itself. Refuse to call it stress, rather change its name and attention in your heart and see it as challenge. Stress is concealed defeat to self. As challenge, it means you have taken the first step to conquest. That means to admit tough or excruciating situation as experience you would learn from, nurture and turn around for your good. This ability to realistically take up challenges, adjust positively, makes us better and stronger personalities. Most people want the prize without the responsibility.

  2. Always keep your inner joy intact. Anything that tries to negatively sap your energy is an attack on your joy, which is your source of strength and birthright to live happily. This means we should learn to keep that substance of peace and life in our heart with all care. Never negotiate your joy for anything or with anyone. The power to build and stay above comes from the joy in our heart.

  3. Stop to worry over everything. Try most time to keep your calm, though not passive or dumb. This is because you would always act right with comfort heart, even under pressure. Learn to see challenges as test or examinations to your success in life. If you try and fail, keeping trying and do not worry that you failed but learn from your mistakes and keep improving until you get it right. Whether you have big goals or not, challenges already have its answers within. Learn to look straight into the eyes of your challenges, and agree within your heart that you are the victor and not the victim. Focus on solutions.

  4. Have one or two core values and be positively flexible with others. Build trust in yourself. Do not always go with the flow or if you are in Rome do as the Romans. Be guided with your core values, because they are the benchmark to your uniqueness, value, purpose and strength. 

  5. Be compassionate and decently firm. The reason is that as you stretch your hands of compassion to others, you are unknowingly revitalizing the power to change your situation. Once this spark takes hold in your heart, then the mountain is on its demolition course.

  6. Good sex not addiction, prayers not religious but spiritual, self discipline not pride,  vocational exercises, like writing, singing, jogging that build up your internal fiber, not smoking or drinking are good therapies. This is because; they clear your heart, relax your body and mostly turn your attention to reasonable judgments or solutions.

  7. Share your challenges with one or two confidant like your mum or dad. Sometimes with even stranger. The main reason is to release the air of tightness in your heart. As you release this air, your become refreshed to strike at your goal.

  8. Keeping a clean environment reveals that you are in control. Do not debase your confidence to assume your tough situation means your environment should be filthy. Filthiness adds to your complex situation. Stay organized and just be real to yourself.

  9. Avoid comparison with others. Locate your unique gifts and develop them from within. That is to increase our value or unique gift inside out.  Remember this; you are the best friend to your triumph or first enemy to disaster. The choice we make to magnify our individual values/gifts determines our place in the books of success. Jealousy and undue emotions are wrong and they could send unnecessary heartbeat into your system. Avoid them.

  10. Give something to a little child of not more than 4 years old. It should not be expansive, even fruits like strawberry, tangerine and apple are just enough. The moment we do, the innocence, beauty, love and peace of that child would flow into our heart and empowers us to tackle our challenges rationally. Do not fake this; rather be very sincere to yourself.

  11. Do not allow your jobs, possessions or situation to define you. We are bigger than them only when we realize the breath of our true identity. They are good gifts in our hands to positively spread goodness to others around us. We are to make them to work for us and not to control our destiny or identity. Also, it is one of the most disheartening remarks you hear from some parents, when they say their kids are driving them crazy or depressed. Please, do not curse those blessed children with such attitude in your heart. Cherish your moments with them as inestimable gifts. Look at their eyes and see the beauty of love, truth, and peace untainted.

  12. Seek and lean on spiritual understanding that enriches your heart with truth and proper freedom and not just any imaginary/mental spiritual attachment. As fact, the more we are exposed to reality in truth, peace and love, the more we are empowered with the amazing gift/power in us to solve problems and grow up as eminent impact to our environment.

  13. Once in a while, take time off everything; your wife, kids, job, friends, phone, books, ipod, TV and others. Connect and search within your strength and weaknesses. Ask yourself valid questions about your purpose in life, and how are you meeting up to the vision. This process is the oil or grease that keeps the mind or body immune from weariness, even in very turbulent situations. We are all special. Keep your goals alive.

  14. Forgive those that may have hurt you. Forgiveness sets us free and channels our resources to positive direction. Forgiveness broadens our heart and directs our focus to the main issues and not on trivial circumstance. Forgiveness unclogs most of our undue emotional penchant to realistic value. Forgiveness is the unnoticed steam that takes us above. Forgiveness is a true friend and its assessments and results are peace, happiness and progress, which are the true foundation to overcoming every challenging situation. Forgiveness and truth were born the same day, to show the same light, are from the same source and they lead to the same definition of who we really are. The champ. The strong. The victor. Stress, nightmares, irritability, anxiety and suicides are the opposite.

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