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Tell somebody about Jesus!

There is no convenience to the spiritual life and commitment in Christ Jesus. There is no middle of the road arrangement in the service to God through Christ Jesus. There is no half Christian and half pagan or other religious arrangement in Christ Jesus. You cannot serve the true God and still kill animals as sacrifice to appease the living God. This was perfected for humanity forever by Christ Jesus. You are either for Christ, and do His works or not. Therefore, telling somebody about Jesus is not about you. Rather it is about living the promises of God, which He has faithfully given to all, but becomes active when you believe in Christ Jesus (Christian), whether you a Pastor, Bishop, Church leader or not.

Winning souls to Christ Jesus is the first assignment and loving joy to God the Father. This is our true legacy and distinct privilege.

Somebody once said I do not like to disturb others with my faith. I just keep it to myself because that is the right way to respect others.

Wow! Another Christian fellow thought and then asked, how were you converted then? Who preached the message of Christ Jesus to you?

He responded, it was one beautiful lady with whom I always take the bus to the office that kept reminding of the love of Christ to me and the need to come to Church.

The other fellow then wondered within himself, hmm...what a paradox!

What does the above conversation shows us about our faith. It simply tells us that your success and happiness in life is dependant on the success and happiness of others around us. What this means is that if I am the only one happy in the whole world, then my happiness is not genuine, because true happiness and love must effect its environment positively.

If you are a Christian and willingly fail to spread the light of God in you to others because of perceived societal values, then your faith in Christ Jesus is mental and not spiritual. In addition, if it is not spiritual, then you are still under the manipulation and control of your enemy who is not allowing you to live your best.

Let us get this clear. Nobody is saying we must all be on TV or street preaching, neither are we saying you should unruly disturb others with your faith. As fact, putting your faith on the face of others is wrong. However, what we are professing is that at all circumstance, use the opportunity open to you to always put God first and gently express His positions on issues. Sometimes, you just allow your good actions to speak for you. Learn to constructively engage people decently on any issue and gently turn the discussion to the message of Christ Jesus.

By telling somebody about Jesus is your declaration of victory, of love, of peace, of wealth and blessings to your generation forever. It shows your commitment to enduring generosity and legacy. It shows your respect to yourself and others, because you have chosen to express life with unreserved truth. It shows your ability to stay in light and guide others to the benefits of true love. It shows that your loved ones would never suffer, because you have stretched your fellowship of God on their paths.

Light must shine and any light that cannot give others illumination is still darkness

Let us be bold and start from somewhere no matter how small. As fact, God is more concerning with our pure heart in true commitment to His service.

Claim your blessings by challenging yourself to grow more in Christ Jesus. Tell somebody about Jesus is your freedom to excellence and wealth.


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