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                                                                                    How to become a Christian?

Hi good friend!

What a great choice you have made! What a great joy you have chosen for yourself and future ! What a great privilege to live the best!

Thank you very much for turning your loving heart and attention to the revelation of life, hope, peace, happiness, health and enduring beauty given to humanity by Christ Jesus.

Your present decision to follow Christ is the right one and no going back from this moment. Forward ever in all goodness is now your birthright. That is, your step of faith to Christ is the greatest decision in your life and you would never regret it.

Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is the valid proof that you are special and the best God created you to be.

Our God is not a complex, angry filled and unforgiving God. He is an ever loving, peaceful, and gracious God, with power above all things, both in the spiritual and physical realms.

I am not saying these as mere sweet-coated statements. Far from it. This is because, I am a living testimony/witness of the resurrection power of God the Father in Christ Jesus. God is real with true living power over the wicked spirit of darkness.

Now accepting Christ Jesus is like a lottery ticket, even if you have it you must show it to the counter to receive your prize. By this, I want you to know that your assured victory in Christ Jesus comes along with your commitment to the good laws of God. Such as expressing true love to others, expressing happiness into your environment, been truthful, winning souls to the Kingdom of Christ, studying the Holy Bible regularly, committed prayer and fellowship schedule and a host of others gifts that would build your faith to the great work He has called you to do and enjoy. We are in the service of opening ourselves for God to spread light, hope, love, peace, health and finesse through to our world as His honored vessels.

Being a Christian is the greatest privilege, strength, victory, and liberty on earth! We are the bravest. The true freedom fighters (Liberators)

Ok friend, are you ready?  Let me now lead you now to Christ Jesus with this simple prayer, which you should say openly with your mouth and believe in your heart. I do not have to be there physically with you, but the Spirit of God that knows our hearts is our witness in Jesus name. Amen!

Please, say as follows; Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus is the Christ (Messiah). I (Put your name here) accept Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior. He was crucified on the cross and shed His sinless blood for my sins. He rose bodily from the dead and is now alive as King of Glory for my (Put your name here) victory, peace and freedom. I (Put your name here) thank Christ Jesus for the everlasting love, happiness, wellness and strength He is given to me (Put your name here) both in the spiritual (Heaven) and physical (Earth) by His true living Spirit. I (Put your name here) am now a child of God the Father, with the resources on earth as mine in Christ Jesus for the great and blessed works of God Eternal. I am now born again because of His grace to me (Put your name here). The fullest of the Holy Spirit now lives in me (Put your name here). I sincerely give God the Father all the glory and honor from my heart in the name of Christ Jesus, and I bless the Holy Spirit that now leads and guides me with His power in all righteousness. Amen  (Reference: Romans 10: 9-10)

Bless you brother or sister for confessing the above statement of faith into your life in Christ Jesus. 

You are now a child of the only true God, born again by His Holy Spirit.

You are now a Christian...congratulation!

You are very special and born into greatness in Christ Jesus.

Silently in your heart, but if you can shout it out, the better. Shout 3 times Glory! Glory!! Glory!!!

Why? It is an effective call to heavenly attention and appreciation.

The next step is to join a Christian fellowship (Assembly of believers called Church) and grow your faith.  Also, get yourself a Holy Bible for personal studies. Learn to study the Holy Bible and have a dedicated prayer schedule.

Get baptized with water by immersion by an ordained minister.                                                

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Note: I have a free book for new converts.

 Please write to me at anytime, modu@christfellows.org

God bless.

Tell somebody about Jesus! That is our true legacy.


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Message: Truth is wealth, peace and love. The light that shines from truth points only to greatness.



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