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                                                    Difference between  religious and faith person.

Some would emphatically ask, common brother, what is the difference?

Well, this kind of outlook is very good and gives us the opportunity to make the difference, though not to reduce any to demeaning context.

To start with, religion and faith in Christ Jesus are two different issues. We mostly assume that Christ Jesus came and gave us religion, which is not correct.

Christ Jesus came and gave humanity life, which is the eternal life of the Supreme, permanently living, and spiritual personality or consciousness, who is call God. Men then termed this fellowship or established relationship with God through Christ Jesus by the leading of the Holy Spirit as religion or another form of spiritual or behavioral code.

That supposition is not correct, because it would not take us to the conclusive issue of life, which Christ Jesus gave to humanity to freely enjoy by faith in Him. The issue really is that life from God in Christ Jesus is more than code or form of behavior, because the essence of creation is all in Life.  Eternal life from God is not just another form or way of spiritual adherence, but is the only supreme component from which all things consist. 

No religion in the world gives life, because they cannot for the reason that they all direct their powers or energy to mental spiritual attachment and not to the divine fulfillment into the endless benefits from and in Life source. That is, truth, love, peace, holiness and other attributes of the divine God are not attempt to sensationalize human instinct and bodies, rather are on true spiritual relationship by the distribution of the good Spirit of eternity through human vessels for the ultimate freedom of humanity from decay.

Faith in Christ Jesus frees us that means connect, arrange, releases us into our possessions in eternity here in physical reality, but religion enslaves you to standards sustained by men spiritual stimulations.

The faith and religious person may believe in Christ Jesus, but one relies totally on the leading of the Holy Spirit, while the other is more on regulated spiritual experience and correspondence instituted on tradition. Such as the day of worship like Saturday or Sunday though relevant, but are not the real issue concerning your fellowship with God in Christ Jesus, rather it is how truthful and spiritually connected is your fellowship with God the Father that matters.

The faith person is spiritual expression of divinity, while the religious is the signboard of emotions, expressions, and behaviors base on ordinances and customs. The religious person is first a moralist before spiritual interest. The faith person allows the spiritual respect and appreciation to God the Father to flow through by genuine service and direct others by true examples.

The faith person would not condemn, not judgmental, rather would allow the power of the Holy Spirit to show your true gifts, convict, and convert souls into the well spring of Life with kindness, because they understand better the spiritual relevance of grace.

The faith person believes and consider him or herself as servant and not master, as vessels of light to winning souls, but the religious is more interested in the name attached to the service, like been called bishop or and position in society.

The faith person is more forgiving because he or she understands the problem is not with the sinner, but mainly with the spirit of sin, while the religious sees both as one.

Finally, there is no religion in Christianity, but there is Christianity in religion. This means, religion is good, but the life in true religion is only in Christ Jesus.


Message; "The Holy Spirit is a Personality, He loves to express the best"

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