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          Some benefits of prayer.

  • It strengthens and guides us on the right path of life. (Success)

  • It protects us and loved ones against our haters and wickedness. (Shield)

  • It opens doors of opportunities to us. (Goals)

  • It is healthy to the soul, mind and body. (Wellness)

  • It makes us more radiant, humble, caring and success driven. (Comfort)

  • It builds our confidence and trust, which makes us better and stronger persona. (Determination)

  • It helps to expose our gifts and on how to use them effectively. (Wisdom)

  • It helps to destroy fear, stress, anxiety, depression and other weariness. (Medication)

  • It helps in proper meditation and to stay positively oriented. (Focus)

  • It promotes good and honest relationships with people, spouse and friends. (Loyal)

  • It makes us the victor, in control and not the victim. (Promotion)

  • It makes us to lean and learn more from excellence and not mistakes. (Quality/Finesse)


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    God is Great!


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