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                                                                       Is Peter the foundation "Rock" of the Church?

Before setting off, let us clear one confusing issue. That is, the disciples of Jesus Christ were not "Christians" until the day of Pentecost, when they were baptized by the Holy Spirit. They were followers of the Jesus, but were not legally (Spiritually) connected to the heavenly Kingdom not until they received the Holy Spirit. The main difference between Christians and non-Christians is the residence of the Holy Spirit in the believer. Anyone that got baptized with water by immersion 200 times without Christ as his or her Lord and Savior is not a Christian. Anyone that believe the whole 10 commandments without Christ as Lord is not a Christian.

Therefore, going on this stretch, Peter was the foremost disciple of Christ Jesus because of his enthusiasm to the person and mission of Jesus Christ. He was greatly used in expounding the vision of the Christian faith after the bodily ascension of Christ Jesus to heaven.

Hence, he was the first leader of the Christians assembly in Jerusalem. He was first used by the Holy Spirit to confirm the ministry of Christ Jesus (Christianity) is to all souls and not only to the Jews with the vision and conversion of Cornelius and family (Acts 10).

His original name was Simon, but was changed to Cephas or Peter by Christ Jesus meaning Petros "rock", in Greek. That is, he was the firm or stable disciple mandated by Christ Jesus to lead the body of faithful (Church) after His bodily ascension. Therefore, his relevance in Church history is undisputable.

Nevertheless, Peter was not the foundation or founder of the Church of Christ

Why is Peter not the rock or foundation of the Church?

This is simple to explain, if we understand what the Church really means.

The Church simply means the spiritual body of Christ through human vessels on earth. That is, every soul who is part of Christ divine life through faith in His redemptive work to humanity.  The Church is not man made, but spiritual content of the living God in the lives of men and women by faith in Christ Jesus and expressed through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the foundation or Rock of the Church means the source and purpose of Christianity or the eternal life of believers, who is God the Father in Christ Jesus. Definitely not Peter, who was saved by Christ Jesus.

What is eternal life? This means, permanent, perfect or supreme and unending consciousness that function in human bodies released by Christ Jesus to humanity from God Spirit.

The source and perfection of salvation to humanity forever is by Christ Jesus. Therefore, Jesus changed the name of Simon or Shimon/Simeon in Hebrew to Cephas (Aramaic) or Petros meaning rock in Greek, was symbolic representation that the Church would stand the test of time despite all challenges.

Jesus said to Peter on this "Rock" I would build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail over it. The Lord was not referring to Peter as the rock of the Church, but to Himself, but that Peter strong zeal and relationship to the message of salvation has positioned Peter as solid lieutenant to lead His (Christ) body of faithful after His glorification. Peter was mandated to lead what Christ Jesus had found by His Spirit. The Church is the body of Christ that rose from the dead after destroying the works of darkness. The Church is spiritual based on the resurrection of Christ Jesus bodily and not the physical most people assume it to be. Jesus Christ is that spiritual and physical foundation of the Church. There is no Church without the resurrection of Christ Jesus bodily from the dead.

Again, for emphasis the Church simply means the spiritual body of Christ that reigns forever through those who believe He is the Messiah. We should not confuse the mandate to lead the disciples after Jesus ascended with the foundation or rock of the Church. They are two different things; though appear to look like one especially with the parable of Jesus concerning the rock. However, the release of the Holy Spirit in the name of Christ Jesus on all who believe in the work of salvation, including Peter makes up the Church.

There is no Church without the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ Jesus bodily from the dead. The Church is the life of the Holy Spirit released in the name of Christ Jesus to earthly vessels of God. The Church is not human characteristics, but spiritually that of God expressed through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit here on earth.

To reemphasize the issue, the Church began on the Jewish day of thanksgiving, called Pentecost. This was when the followers of Christ Jesus were baptized by the Holy Spirit, including Peter as Jesus promised them (Luke 24: 49). After that amazing experience, Peter assume and displayed his leadership quality with boldness, even with response to the people around, who were questioning the disciples state of mind as they spoke in spiritual tongues.                  

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