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Hi dear,

Yes! yes!! yes!!! to you all the way...

Simply say in your heart and out from your mouth that "Jesus is the Christ."

Write to; info@christfellows.org and we would follow up with you promptly.

**Do you have any prayer request?

 Please let us know to support you.

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Renew you!



Progress forever...

We sincerely appreciate your joining this dynamic vision of Christ Jesus to truly transform our world with His love, peace, happiness, and other honorable virtues. Our humble service as vessels of God is to enrich the human spirit, soul, and body with the power of the resurrected life of Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus is the only presence of true liberty, happiness and total wellness.

As fact, the vision God has called you/us into is to build us as leaders; individually and collectively with one Spirit, one Lord and one hope in turning our environment to His divine generosity.

That is, the spiritual awakening to heal our hearts, land and coming generation with His goodness.

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