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 Jesus never had sex

Jesus never had sex with any woman is not an imaginary statement to arouse the warmth of human curosity, neither is it to promote any superior judgment streaming from heavenly revelations. However, it is primarily to draw the attention of all to the great relevance of His supreme spiritual authority, perfect holiness and unadulterated love rendered to the freedom of the human spirit. Therefore, the above assertion is to help us navigate and understand the deep things of the spiritual life of God in Christ Jesus. The precise purpose is to open our good heart into the spiritual realm and connect this vitality to our physical existence.

Obviously, some people have already drawn their conclusions based on their intentional preference and the irreversible conclusion arising from their self-denial to anything spiritual. While others will take the sword of hate and disgust to any issue relating to Christ Jesus, because they are of the opinion that He was a myth and, inconsequential to their lives.

With due respect, the strength of these different assertions are on naive followership, and not on substance of truth. This is because, when we open the authority of their malign suppositions, what we find is emptiness. They are empty, negative, and powerless, because the reality of the person of Jesus Christ and His relevance to the true constituent of the human spirit, when fully understood from spiritual revelations, will turn these human receptacles of assumptions into weeping babies, begging for comfort from the warm and waiting arms of the Lord.  The message here is that lack of spiritual information or the tendency to ignore it, has led to disconnection with the truth, which breeds discontent within folks, who disagree with the revelation of Christ Jesus to humanity.

With all sense of regard to human differences, it would be simplistic in place to state that some human heart are filled with deceitful intentions with low self-worth, obviously which needs the rich nourishment from the limitless ocean of love in Christ Jesus, who is always willing to share the vitality of infinite hope to life with us.

Therefore, dissecting the core message of this text, that is, Jesus never had sex with any woman would lead us into better understanding of the person of Jesus, and His perfect union with the Holy Spirit. As these facts will help to guide our focus into the great service, He accomplished by unclogging the human soul from deprivation under the manipulation of the spirit of wickedness (Enemy of humanity) into true liberty engraved in divine love.

To start with, He was born without sin. Why was this? Let us carefully analyze this spiritual fact, as this is the foundation of the whole truth of God to humanity.

Let us delve a little into spiritual history to get the direction of where and why He came. When humankind swallowed the pill of obedience to the adversary, through Adam and Eve, the very nature of sin and death took hold of humanity.  Originally, in the perfect arrangement of God, the Creator of human existence, this was not supposed to be. Therefore, the spiritual disobedience of Adam and Eve to the instruction of God, meant their obedience to the deceitful guide of the adversary, which brought about the replacement of the godly (Divine) nature in man, with the polluted (Sin) nature of the adversary. This pollution (Sin) in the human soul, took humanity into bondage of wickedness, and this broke the relationship between God and humanity. Now, to restore this broken relationship and satisfy the absolute righteousness or justice of the divine God, it required a perfect solution to the rude incursion from the adversary. Hence, God set up the perfect sacrificial service of Christ Jesus for humanity.

On this premise, sin in the human soul could not be resolved or dealt with fully by any sinful nature neither by animal blood, because that would have compromise the Sovereign authority of the only true God, whose presence is perfect Holiness. Consequently, the Almighty God, who is capable of all things, deposited His Spirit, who is perfectly pure into the womb of a virgin woman, named Mary. The purpose was for the spotless Spirit in this blessed woman’s womb, to go through normal human fertility process, with the result that the birth of the human form (Jesus) was immaculate or without pollution. This was because; the seed of fertility that brought about the birth of Jesus was not from any male, who were under the bondage of sin, but was from God, through His Spirit that was clean and above the power of sin. The baby Jesus was from God as a faultless human person capable at maturity to execute the will of the Father to perfection by cleansing the human soul, through His death with His sinless blood as payment for sin. This means, Jesus became the Holy priest of God, for the Holy sacrificial service for humanity in the Supreme Court of God .This He did once and forever on the altar (Cross of Calvary) of righteousness of God for the sins of the whole world, which ultimately set the human spirit free from the cloak of wickedness.

Hence, when He rose bodily from the dead, this signified His ultimate victory over all the power of darkness, and as a result of this accomplishment, He then gave the absolute, unblemished, and infinite love to humanity without asking for pay back. The only demand He asked from us is to share the quality of His love to others, without sacrificial retail, but with the distinguish resolve of humility, peace and gratitude to God the Father. 

Therefore, salvation was a perfect solution, from the perfect source, through a perfect vessel, and to the restoration of a perfect relationship with God the Father by Christ Jesus.

His person, purpose, and progression were one in perfection. In this wise, His having any sexual relationship with any woman would have reduced and disqualified the authority of His purpose, because that would have compromised His perfection or holiness to help humanity with the restoration of true relationship to the divine God. Further, that would have challenged and made meaningless the supreme authority of God the Father from whom He came. Sex with any woman, would have led to the submission of His divine will to the power of the flesh and ultimately eroding His authority over sin and death. This would have meant that He caved under the pressures of sexual lust from the flesh over the Spirit of God in Him. This was actually the opposite, as He exalted the spiritual life in Him over all pressures from the flesh, thus exercised the power of eternity in full holiness in His physical being. He was the perfect Spirit of God in human body seen and witnessed by all.

Secret sex with any woman out of wedlock would have amounted to spiritual deception on His part, an unforgivable flaw of judgment, and ultimately debasing the truth of God, who is perfect. Sex or sexual relationship with any woman, most painfully would have deceived humanity of the purity and perfect reign of God on the throne of righteousness. Jesus, who was of the same perfect personality with God, knew and lived beyond all human standards and His authority to die and rise again from the dead were issues of great spiritual undertakings, only possible with His perfect unity with the Spirit of God, whom He manifested to the fullest. The body of Jesus as the perfect sacrificial lamb for the sins of the world was ordained holy before the creation of the world to destroy the power of sin and death in the spirit, and in so doing, to release the power of love from the Spirit of God in Him into humanity forever. He knew this great task, and He was never going to compromise this for anything, because of the eternal glory that is to follow.

This eternal glory was that upon His resurrection from the dead and, subsequent ascension bodily back to the Throne of Glory where He came from, the celebration of perfect harmony between God the Father and His creation was complete forever on the covenant of Peace through Christ Jesus. The justification of good over evil became a visible reality to humanity forever. Very importantly, the good promise from God to every human soul was no longer on inscriptions, but now sealed with the permanent guarantee in the personality of absolute purity and power of the Spirit of Christ. The love of God to humanity became the unbreakable supply of His fullness into our hearts as stamp of companionship forever. The name Jesus Christ became the only name from the Throne in Heaven with absolute command over all things, in all realms to the glory of the highest Majesty, who is God Almighty.

Therefore, Jesus gave humanity the spiritual victory over all things by His resurrection from the dead. Consequently, as one attains higher level of spiritual awareness, the things of God becomes the paramount objective in our focus and less of fleshy pull. Jesus was the perfect example to the foregoing fact by complying completely with the will of God the Father.

The spiritual recognition of the eternal reign of God and His love for righteousness was not an issue of debate to the person of Jesus, neither was it any dramatic inference drawn to wrongly captivate the emotion of humanity and leave us dry with similar suggestion for another day. In clear regard, the person of Jesus is the faultless answer to the relationship between God and humankind, which was done once and forever on the Cross of Calvary.

In the true spiritual realm of God, there is no sexual relationship, because all spiritual beings have the same spiritual qualities and pleasures. There in the spiritual realm, it is the assignment given to each spiritual host or not that distinguishes one from the other. This is because; no spiritual being is of lesser quality to the other, neither are there male and female spiritual beings. However, we have some spiritual swindlers, who are going against this godly standard by engaging in sexual pleasures, and they are all in the domain of the wicked and cancerous system. These were the ones, Jesus fought and defeated in the spiritual realm to set humanity free from the strong hold of their master, who is the power of darkness. These are the spiritual creatures inflicting the human minds with erroneous signals, unknown to most people, to assume it is their physiological or biological make up that makes them to be sexually attracted to their kind.

Therefore, because Jesus had foreknowledge of the supreme standard of God that is pure, clean, holy, and transparent in character composition, sexual interest was never His concern; neither was He the kind of leader that would take advantage of His position by sleeping with women under His care. He was the kind of good leader, who was always willing to share love unreserved, peace generously, truth in relevance, loyalty without end, and other virtues that will sustain the human integrity to the highest pedestal. He is the perfect giver of excellence, peace, love, and truth, not an exploiter.

Therefore, those pedaling the assumptions that Jesus had sexual relationship with Mary from the city of Magdala are pestering instruments of spiritual blindness. Their assertions are provable recollections of shameful strives between their conscience and the mess with their detached personalities. The thorough search into these minds would reveal the shallowness of perception, bordering on suspicious inclination and the mentality of traitors. These are the enemies of humanity.

Let us say this emphatically, that is, Jesus was not against sexual relationship, because He knew it was the provision of God to humankind to consume. However, His stance was that sexual relationships should be within the legal framework of marriage between a man and a woman. He was totally for the marriage institution and the resultant sexual consumption. He even went further in one of His addresses where He said, any man, that is having sexual lust or interest in his heart to a woman, who is not his legal wife is committing the offence called fornication.

Therefore, when the panders of falsifications go about with their wasteful delusions, they regretfully forget to look at the integrity of the person they are talking about and match it with His statements to help them sketch the balance to their judgment. Instead, they are laser focused, by hungrily projecting the business of their master, whose agenda from the onset is to cancel every space or opportunity for humanity to breathe the fresh air of fulfillment and transparent love streaming from the ambiance of the true living God.

They see themselves in the mirror and conclude that the person in front of them is not possible to live a holy, trustworthy, and benevolent life, devoid of human spectacles. This is because to them, the idea of the power of the true Spirit is not real, neither possible, because reality to them are the actions and conducts that are only seemingly recognizable with the tinted values embedded in the soul of those, who refuse to forgive themselves.

If Jesus had a secret affair then, that would have been a scandalous issue, which His distractors would have used openly against Him. However, during His fabricated trial, people were set up to lay false accusations against Him, and none of their accusations against the holy and loving Christ had any substance. Not even one person came up with the story of adultery against Him.

The reason to the blatant lie that He had secret relationship with the woman (Mary Magdalene) whom He healed by casting out demonic spirits from, who later became His ardent follower, was to attack His Holiness. Through this leeway, giving these blind folded conspirators, offsprings of their forefathers the reasons to expound their false messages that He was not perfect. That is, if He was not perfect or pure, it then means the perfect restoration of the human spirit by His spotless cleansing with His sinless blood is flawed. Hence, the hidden spiritual manipulator is using agents of men to ridicule His purpose and the truth from God, with the result to deceive the minds of people by pulling them back into bondage of darkness.

The whole scheme was that when they arranged to kill the innocent One for all His good deeds, they thought that would end everything about Him. The mistake they made was that God, who is above all things, was actually using these villains to fulfill His divine purpose. A quick digression if we may allow; King Pharaoh issued the killing of every male child as from 2 years downward, but by divine arrangement Moses, who was the sole reason for this wicked degree was found on the bank of the river by King’s own daughter. The same Moses, for whom the treacherous degree was primarily targeted at, was taken in and raised right in the very King’s palace, eating and having all access to nobility.

Is there any lesson from the above message? Yes, of course. God is always ahead of all the ploys of the enemy to His righteousness and mostly uses the strength of the enemy against itself.

 Let us go back to our discussion. The destruction of the body of Jesus Christ was by the wicked, through which means (Death), He gained access into the domain of darkness by the living Spirit in Him. Where, He contested with the master of evil, whom He defeated and set the spirit of the human race free from this callous bondage. That means, through Christ Jesus, death was no longer the end and threat to the human race, but became the beginning of the supreme authority and provision of goodness from God to humanity forever. The resurrected life of Christ Jesus gave humanity the new and victorious life that is of the Spirit of God. This life of the Spirit of Christ (God) is now the guarantee or victory of eternal life over death, righteousness over sin and love over hate. The human race is now free to enjoy the immeasurable benefits of the Spirit of God through Christ Jesus.

In conclusion, we sincerely pray that the Spirit of God will open the spiritual eyes of these folks, whose attention have been wrongly turned against the truth, to come to light, which would enable them to appreciate the great significance of the amazing grace of God the Father through Christ Jesus to the whole world. The idea of this text is to help these folks with a loving heart to embrace the warmth and assurance of the Spirit of God in their lives.

The writer made some harsh expressions not to disparage anyone, because the heart of the message is to show the light and truth of God, not to please men, but God.  Through this means, share the love, happiness, reconciliation, and peace to all in the name of Christ Jesus. Jesus is alive. Amen!