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 Is there another Savior after Jesus Christ?

Before we begin to read, just inhale deeply and smile within your heart.

Why someone asked?  It is just an instinctive request to clear our thoughts or focus and get into the joyous blend of the Spirit.

To begin with, let us qualify the person of Jesus.

He is one with God the Father as the living Word, which is the Word in Life.

The Word of Life means the Supreme spiritual essence with the infinite capacity to express spiritual substance in physical realm in perfection. This is because, true life from source; the Creator is in perfect form.

Therefore, Christ Jesus is the very nature and eternal existence of God by the expression of the Holy Spirit. He came to earth in human body sinless to satisfy the conditions of the Heavenly Father, which is to save the human race from sin and death to life. That means, to transfer all who would believe in Him from the prison of wickedness to the eternal joy, everlasting love and the bless nature of God the Father. This is not only spiritual, but in physical form. It is the birth in the spiritual into the physical happiness in God's glory here on earth.

He has always been with the Heavenly Father as the living Word. Therefore, He is the first and last because, He is the perfect representation of the only true living God to humanity forever. There is none before Him as the Son and directly from God and there will never be any after Him as Savior of humanity.

All human soul and content must come through Him to God the Father and live by Him as God's children. He was in the beginning in eternity with God to the infinite end as the judge in the Father in heaven over all things.

All prophets came by Him and are subject to His reign. There is no prophet before and after Him, because He is the source of creation in God the Father as the expressed living Word in heaven. Creation came from Him and by Him, because, whenever God the Father released His words, Jesus was that revealing Word in fullness of the Holy Spirit that activates creation into existence.

He was not a messenger like other prophets with limited human capacities, but was the perfect message, gift, and vision of God to humanity forever, with infinite human and spiritual capacity in one divine body. He was the God essence or fullness in human form and the God perfect in spiritual expression and the same as God the Father, the Holy Spirit in heaven as one, who gives life and is Life (Eternal).

The difference between Christ Jesus and other prophets is that prophets are all human compositions with specific divine messages. These respective prophets are blessed and should accorded due respect for their prophetic services.

However, for any human record or writing to equate Christ Jesus as one of other prophets is spiritually wrong and the deceptive attempt to deny God? love and true value to humanity through Christ Jesus. This is because; Christ Jesus is of spiritual composition with the perfect expression of the Heavenly reign far above all activities of prophets combined.

How some would ask?

The seed of life (Sperm) of Him in the womb before birth was not from any male human reproductive organ, but was the deposit of the fullness of the Spiritual seed (fullness) of God into the blessed woman, called Mary who then gave that Spiritual seed the human flesh, through virginal birth process call immaculate conception (Incarnation). Therefore, His source is only traceable to the Spiritual Father in heaven, who is God. 

Also, after He completed His earthly assignment, He ascended to heaven with perfect Spiritual body. He was the consummate essence of the divine God. The fullness or perfect Spiritual that is of God in glorious human form after salvation was accomplished for humanity to freely enjoy, and ascend or moved into the throne of authority or infinite abundance as One with the heavenly Father.

Therefore, for some to assume Him as one of the prophets or to the seriously damaging message by some who professes another after Christ Jesus is the greatest deceit and fight against the human race to live in peace and love according to God's divine standard. The mistake these folks make and should be helped is that prophets cannot give eternal life is only by Christ Jesus.

All prophets were born by reproductive sperm of earthly fathers. Let us give an example of a great prophet and the qualification Jesus Christ gave of him. John the Baptist is highly regarded in Biblical history and prophecy, but Jesus said there is no person born of earthly parents that is up to John the Baptist importance, but that the least child in the Kingdom of God is greater.

Jesus was not downgrading John the Baptist, but was only emphasizing salvation and the spiritual birth to anyone whose heart connects to God the Father through Him by the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ was saying the spiritual life, which He brought to earth called eternal life, the glory is of God, and is beyond all human equation or human birth.

Therefore, whoever the prophet is, if he or she has no Christ Jesus is under the Christian, because he or she is born by earthly parents and Christians by the Spirit of God in Christ Jesus that is above. The Christian is a spiritual person first before the physical.

The great mistake by some in equating Christ Jesus with other prophets is either borne of spiritual ingratitude or from the conspiratorial tendency silently hatched, not easily detected but intentionally out to fight with the Truth. However, whatever secretive intentions people allow themselves used by the spirit of error through diabolical schemes against the good will of Christ Jesus. This is their answer; the good Lord is greater and constantly awake with victory, and His Spirit has exposed and brought them down as failures forever. The victory is forever alive in Christ Jesus.

Thus, there is no other savior after Christ Jesus. Salvation is complete.

As fact, listen to those who claim to have spiritual messages, as "prophets after Christ Jesus" you would find that they are connected together in one way or the other only against the purpose of Christ Jesus, the Truth and not against themselves. They use the name of Christ Jesus to gain recognition to their messages and then turn the minds of their followers to themselves as gods to be worshiped. Their messages are not about saving souls from the wicked spirits of darkness to light, as Christ Jesus did, but on disproving Christ Jesus as the past prophet and theirs present. God forbid!

Who gave them that confirmation they never say.

The question they fail to get is that original or truth does not change with time. Truth is always the same from eternity to eternity. What most people fail to realize is that there is always light and darkness, truth and lies, original and fake, and good and evil ways. However, these ?purported prophets? condemning Christ Jesus from behind, has used His name to gain prominence to themselves, and have colored their self-styled messages unknowingly to the mass with such religious sentiments to easily turn gullible minds away from truth.

Christ Jesus never wrote any message except the little inscription He did on sand, when people wanted to kill a lady caught in adultery. In that situation, He saved the lady from the hypocrisy of the people, and gave her opportunity to repent with liberty. Possibly others (Religion) would have commanded she be killed. Hmm! However, Jesus never wrote not because He could not write. Rather, He came to show creation truth and love in perfection for us to follow and live.

Anyone can write inspirational words and say they are from the divine. Who is there to question them? The only genuine question or test is by works. Therefore, Jesus came to earth to display the complete essence of human creativity, power, and victory from God, when we truly follow His Spirit into reality or Truth.

One simple question to these demeaning prophetic stance against Christ Jesus. How would God send Christ Jesus to save the human spirit from sin and death to life, and send other prophets to save the world, for what purpose? Go read their messages, they are not talking about redemption of the human spirit from wickedness to eternal life, but more on spiritual poetry on moral life for others to live and not themselves.

Let them tell us their purpose. Or, are they saying the judgment of the true God is faulty with His divine purpose through Christ Jesus? And if so, then it means their so call messages would be incomplete with time and replaced with another? Which then makes God imperfect or unstable and at the end give the adversaries of God the right to say the mysteries of God is confusing, incomplete and non- existing.

These few queries are just to open our conscience to the schemes of deception and guide us to the truth. Jesus Christ is the Truth and Life. He is the beginning and endless end of creation and lets put a stop to these conspiracies of deceptions with the power of Truth and Light us in the name of Christ Jesus.

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