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                                                            Is the Holy Bible the complete word of God?


What do you think of it yourself? Alternatively, on what basis would some conclude that letters written and collectively agreed on by some people years back is the complete words of God?

This is sheer absurdity some would say and suggest that Christians should wise up or open their hearts to see things from broad perspective and not blindfolded.

Well, to those with this kind of views to the Holy Scripture, the quick answer before we go into details is that the things of the Spirit of God are Spirit, only understood by those with spiritually receptive heart and not by human efforts or hypothetical assertions.

Therefore, without missing one single mark, the Holy Bible is the complete words of God.

The reason for its completeness among others is that the Holy Scripture from the beginning of creation into infinite end is the prophecy and revelation of Salvation in the Glory of God to the whole world. That means the expression of God perfect gift of love through His beloved Son Christ Jesus to humanity forever.

The Holy Bible is the perfect expression of power, love, peace, truth, holiness, excellence, and glorious life of God, which is Eternal, officially, relevantly, and specifically declared, released in practical terms not just in words to the world by Christ Jesus

Christ Jesus as God promise to humanity confirmed the prophecies through different Prophets. The messages through different modes, human vessels (Prophets, kings, judges, and messengers) and places bear the infinite spiritual content of the Supreme God, called righteousness, the Royal law, perfectly expressed through Christ Jesus by the power Holy Spirit. That was what Jesus meant when He said he came to fulfill the Law and not to destroy it. He also said somewhere in the Holy Scripture, this day is the Scripture fulfill. In another instance, He said those that obey the word of God are His brothers, sisters, and friends. Therefore, because Jesus said so, it is final.

The Holy Scripture was confirmed by the only Perfect One, even if it was only one statement He made. If Jesus could confirm one statement, then all of the statements of the Holy Scripture are correct, because the only perfect One with infinite knowledge confirmed it. This is spiritual knowledge and not mind configurations.

In essence, the Holy Bible is the picture of the spiritual fullness or supreme consciousness of God to humanity by the perfect Anointed One, who is Christ Jesus. The Holy Bible is not a historical book, though it contains historical facts, but is spiritual insight into the heart theme of the true God revealed in full by the Holy Spirit in the human person of Christ Jesus.

The Holy Scripture is complete because Christ Jesus who is the word of Life and the word of Life is same as Eternal life confirmed the Word of God by living perfect example. Therefore, the whole message of the Holy Bible is the confirmation of the fundamental component of the Supreme personality of the Godhead, which is perfect Love and Holiness. The Holy Bible gives life and life is only in and from God through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

Adam, the first federal head of human race allowed sin and death into humanity, but Christ Jesus destroyed sin and death, and further restored life back into humanity, now evident by those who believe in Him as their Lord and Savior.

Christ Jesus through His complete payment for sin and death by His sinless blood for humanity and His vital resurrection from the dead bodily, as the complete return of divine victory, goodness and kindness to humanity, finally introduced the outstanding spiritual race here on earth, which is above all things. This spiritual race is the revelation of the heavenly reign and dominion over all spiritual wickedness and powers of the adversary of God's righteousness and humanity. The Holy Bible is that true picture of the supernatural realm of God here in the world, which is the body of Christ.

No other book or revelation can substitute any part of the Holy Bible. It is the final standard or authority to human life forever. The Holy Bible is the only perfect diagram of all human content and purpose as arranged from the Creator, revealed absolutely by Christ Jesus. Any message by anyone outside the Holy Bible is not of God. The words were written by holy earthly vessels (humans) as instructed/inspired by the Holy Spirit, but the content are all spiritual with one common message of the perfect revelation of God' trust and love by Christ Jesus to humanity to freely enjoy, only on one simple condition, which the acceptance that Jesus is the Anointed.

The content is divine and there is no end or beginning to the Holy Bible because the revelation and nature of God is infinite.

Questioning the validity of the Holy Scripture is quite understood from mental, historical, scientific, and philosophical dimensions, but the core substance of life from the Holy Scripture (Word of Life) can only be grasped from spiritual appreciation from the Holy Spirit.

Whoever wants to see his or her perfect picture should humbly ask the Holy Spirit to guide their heart with His revelations whenever they study the Holy Bible. Categorically, nobody would ever understand or grasp from the Holy Bible if the Holy Spirit is not leading the person in understanding.

Bless the Personality of the Holy Spirit in the name of Christ Jesus.

Jesus is Alive = Word of God = Word of Life = Holy Scripture = Eternal Life =  Holy Spirit = God Almighty = Perfection


Message; The life of God is complete. This life is only fulfilled in Christ

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