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                                                                                    What about health?

True healthy living is more than your physical shape, appearance, or wellness. It has more to do with our spiritual balance. Just as we eat food and engage in physical exercise to keep and nourish our bodies in good shape. There is also the spiritual exercise required to keep our minds, soul, and vision radiant with true happiness, peace, love, and progress to mention few, because our heart is in connection to truth and kindness from the true God.

This is the total package to healthy living. That is, your spirit, soul and body in sweet condition within through the vibrant relationship with truth.

As fact, whoever is physically strong, but lack internal strength that comes from spiritual healthiness, do easily breakdown when some challenges of life comes knocking, and in most cases they loose their physical and moral confidence and become enemy to themselves by indulging in excuses to cover up or use stimulants to suppress the problem and not to solve it from the source.

On the other hand, the individual that keeps his or her spirit strong or healthy and connected to the truth, in most cases would always overcome most challenges that break others down.

Of note is that, a spiritually healthy fellow is better and stronger health wise. This is because as you engage your spirit into healthy exercises; your spirit being  that understands your body more will direct your attention to the right stuffs, like food, places, physical exercises to engage in that would enhance your total wellbeing.

Physical strength and exercise should come from the inside to the outside and not the other way round.

Let us state here that not all spiritual outlet means well to you. Most out there are camouflage of spiritual error, which tends to stimulate minds into hypnotism with excuses of meditations, and ends up with false notion of self-satisfaction.

However, true spiritual value will always challenge most of your conveniences and channel your attention to excellence, peace, and liberty. True victory is not in convenience, rather in the growth process for excellence experienced within applicable truth in our words and conducts. Leaning on truth guides us inside and outside to clean, well manner and quality attitude and not show of hypocrisy.

Hence, there is the inexplicable building up of your physical body into proper and well appreciative mold when your spirit develops right and to the right direction, who is Christ Jesus, who is the Truth...Amen!


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God is Great!


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