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                                               How to know there is God




Hmm! From where do we start? Gently, let us flow as thus;

God is life, love, and truth, who is the Supreme or aggregate consciousness that is perfect in wellness. This Supreme essence or divine personality is Spirit but shows His magnificence through creation. A friend once said he does not believe there is God. I then ask what about evil. He then skimp with anxiety. Those in doubt, take the excuse of mental or philosophical chorus. The simple fact is that consciousness is the living component in human and other material substances, and the source of consciousness is of the Spirit. Therefore, the aggregate or totality of consciousness is from the true Spirit, who lives and reigns forever.  To get an understanding of His divine majesty, one should open to spiritual insights through His Spirit and not by mental deductions.  

The following among others would help to establish the existence of God.


  1. The spirit realm is not intellectual or philosophical dissertation, but evidently higher and real. In the supernatural, there is the benevolent Spirit and the impostor. They are not equal, because God in His sovereign personality is greater and is the faultless reality of existence. Reality is truth, peace, and purity in perfect state with living authority over existence.
  2. Now the vital ingredient in truth or reality is perfect consciousness. Out from this Perfection comes life that breaths or gives living into other substances such as human life. Consciousness is more than awareness of self; rather is the living component in existence that transcends physical elements. It is not just a state of knowledge, but is reality or truth in physical manifestation. Hence, the totality of consciousness that is alive with supreme order of things (Creation) is whom the Christians refer to as God, infinitely expressed to the world through Christ Jesus.
  3. This Perfect consciousness, who is faultless in wellness called God is where happiness, health, excellence, honesty and other good and endless values comes from. This Personality is not restricted to one physical location, because He is capable of been at all places, at all times with His immense supremacy. Therefore, His excellent values are not substances we physically touch, but they take life; or rather become living expressions noticed by all as we apply them on situations. True love is spiritual reward of happiness to others in physical realm. This complete benefit among others from the Perfect consciousness in wellness is the difference between good and evil. Anyone that allows his or her consciousness polluted through the mind will exhibit traits that are inimical to good.
  4. Life is not the body or material substance, but the spirit inside that comes from the Creator. For example, look at the natural vegetation around us, they never express anger or hate to anyone. They are the same in peace and harmony to all, but only change due to weather conditions. Creation came from within the Supreme consciousness and that is the reason nature maintains some of the characteristics of God, such as peace. Alterations only come from human manipulative tendencies.
  5. Now, let us test something. If you really believe there is no God, why not simply ask the Holy Spirit to reveal whatever you desire or challenge Him to confirm Himself to you. Possibly do this in your closet where you conduct your research, meditate or engage in other spiritual activities. God through His Spirit will follow through with this call in Jesus name. Alternatively, try to memorize some verses from the Holy Bible and see what happens within. This is a peace challenge!
  6. The faces and presence of newborn babies represents the fullness, tenderness, beauty and perfect strength or consciousness of the living God. The innocence, influence and attraction newborn baby brings to any environment is the expression of God living peace, purity and favor, which represents the consciousness that is pure, full of love and has not been polluted with the pressures or fabrications of the world. Anyone that hates or harms children simply represents those against creation and unknowingly disconnected from life, because their consciousness are against purity, kindness, and truth.
  7. Please hold on! Christ Jesus walked on sea (water), healed the sick, spoke things and they became life, stopped the waves of the sea, opened the blind eyes, fed thousands with real food, the dead were brought back to life, cast out evil spirits from the oppressed, forgave sins and a host of other supernatural displays. These actions were direct reflections of the fullness of the Supreme consciousness (God) in Him. While He walked physically on earth, He saw and acted in that perfect conscious dominion. Men see lack, He sees abundance, and whenever He spoke, the power of perfection in Him as One with the Father would become life, because the Perfect consciousness of creation is within and from Him. For example, a young girl was confirmed died; Christ Jesus came to the scene and gave or commanded the young girl consciousness (Spirit) back into her body and she came alive. He physically walked on sea, because the consciousness of water solution was subject to the Supreme consciousness in Him. This and many other testimonies of God supreme consciousness expressed through Him are vivid illustrations to humanity of the existence of the divine God.  
  8. All components within scientific discoveries, orbit/space explorations and other mind extensive researches are from the infinite resources created here on earth by the Supreme God. Researches can quantify the components of the air, water, and solid matters, but cannot get clue into the consciousness of life or the living spirit within these substances, because they (Researchers) are subject to the power of the Perfect consciousness. Let us get this clear; the mind and consciousness are two different things. The mind comes from and is subject to consciousness. The mind could be built-up through studies and other educational pursuits, but not with consciousness.  You only exercise true consciousness through spiritual connection by allowing the divine living components expressed into your heart, body, then through you to others in humility. You do not assume pure consciousness; you live consciousness and whoever loses it is dead. No man made mechanism can extend date, time, life and the future. These and more are the sole prerogative of the Supreme living being (God), whose substance of life (Consciousness) is infinite in Christ Jesus by His Spirit.
  9. God is supreme and kind. He is not limited to human slanted ideas, because He is infinite in knowledge and actions. Christ Jesus after His resurrection from the dead ascended or went bodily to the throne of Glory seen by more than 500 folks or witnesses. This is an irrefutable testimony of the existence of God. Question; why is that people lie, kill and hate others? These vices are they art or science? Can the beautiful mechanism of technology, science or philosophical thesis ever stop them? Why are they not concern on how to stop evil, but directs most of their efforts on questioning good from Christ Jesus? Why is it that human kind is against environmental pollution, but refuses to accept the spiritual pollution that is more dangerous to human existence? However, most encouraging is that Truth is power, love, life, light, cures pollution from source, is above, the winner or victory forever despite grand conspiracy. Truth is practical love and God is love. Tell somebody about Jesus!



        Message "The mystery of existence starts and ends with the infinite God"


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