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                                                    Is salvation for all human souls?

Yes, it is...

Salvation is for the whole world. Jesus died for the whole world and took the human spirit from slavery, darkness and death to light, life, and liberty with His resurrection bodily from the dead. Glory to God the Father!

However, this privilege, freedom, or inheritance becomes active, alive and assured when one accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior called born again, believer or Christian. To be very precise, the acceptance of Jesus into our life is not an ordinary act or by chance, but is spiritual, divine arrangement connecting us to the Truth, Holiness and Love.

Jesus had to take the life of human kind in bondage in flesh, though without sin in Himself, because He had the power of holiness in Him from heaven (Throne of Glory). This glorious qualification gave Him the absolute ability to live in flesh without sin, and totally defeated sin and death, both in spiritual and physical realms. Hence, restored, refunded, repaired, and repositioned the true life in freedom back to humanity.

Anyone that accepts Jesus is the Christ, meaning the Messiah is connected, plugged, sown into the living Anointing, the everlasting/perfect Glory of the heavenly Father, who is the supreme Spirit and becomes the child of God. God has children and not slaves. God is not wicked and separate like earthly kings from His people. He is not narrow minded to assume, when you share His blessings with Him, His abundant goodness and pleasures would reduce or become exhausted.

Those that see God with fear in their hearts are not qualified as His own, because fear is the component of the devil. God is love and He gave us His love too.

Do earthly children fear their fathers? The opposite is the case, only in such situation where the father is cruel to his kids.

Then, why should men assume that God who is love would be comfortable when His children fear Him? Fear brings nothing good, only love does. The spirit of error controls any religious arrangement that suggest to its followers to be frightful of God.

However, where one finds in the Holy Bible the expressions of fear to God, it actually means to reverence God. Reverence is to respect, exalt, lovingly appreciate and give due honor to His glorious Majesty and not the literary meaning of been dreadful of God.

God is good, holy and love.

Praise Him forever in Christ Jesus.

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