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                                                                                    Principle of Giving.

True giving is divine gift to the giver. There is the view that some are born with it. To a large extent, it is correct.

Giving is more than sharing of ones talent, blessings, time, benefits, or resources with others for the distinctive purpose to strengthen or help the recipient. Rather, it is the immense hearty effort to transport others to that higher ground of love, peace, truth, wealth, health, hope, purpose, happiness, success, value, and all enviable premises. Good giving is perpetual love named as practical truth.

Giving is privilege to the giver because; it expresses the capacity in the giver to see beyond limitations into the abilities of infinite love and comfort. Giving is a gift and key to living the promises of God here on earth.

Whenever we give our offering for example in Church or under normal situations, we must always thank God for the opportunity to promote His agenda with the finances or resources He has placed in our care. Whenever, we give, always ask for the release of more into our hands to enable us expound or increase our giving into His good works.

Do not give and ask for returns to satisfy your personal interest. That is bribery! Always learn to link His blessings on the offering to do His will, which is the promotion of the gospel of Christ. This way, He would mightily entrust His wealth into our hands with His supreme guide over our lives and family, because our heart concern is to show His living glory in us to others in humility and love.

Giving is another form of worship, because you are using His wealth to praise or appreciate His works in our lives. Nothing is ever lost when it used to promote the gospel of Christ. As fact, it is the best investment, whose yield never ends.

Importantly, always give from your heart with joy in Christ Jesus and quote a verse or related verses from the Holy Bible on your offering. This way, your offering is not to man and any Church official that tries to use the tools of God for personal gain, would face the direct wrath from God Spirit.

In most cases, they cannot use your offering for personal agenda, because the binding power of the verse you read on your offering will overcome all deceptions. Although, ministers are to live by the gospel, but the clear distinction as to what the Church appropriates to ministers is not an allowance to covet the divine mission of God for selfish end.

Giving is freedom to the giver, because by giving happily, the giver gains free access to the unending treasures of God. The reason is that, as one stretches his or her hands of compassion to others, God victory in such circumstance is displayed, and some would recognize this and praise God in their hearts for His service through the kind fellow.

Now, because God receives the glory, He would double His efforts or benefits through that person, who has opened themselves up for the living God to express His goodness through to others in love. By giving, you are expounding your financial and influential capacity.

Giving is a blessing because you are saying; your sustenance is continuous and flows according to God's wealth in you. Giving is an expression of true love, which means, you are tapping into the peace and everlasting joy of God into our life and future generation. 

Finally, giving is the statement of abundance and not lack, because the giver only recognizes the ability to spread happiness into situation of others from the abundance he or she has from the heart. It is heart and practical issue of confidence, of wealth, of peace, of kindness, of good health and of utmost faith in God, whose resources is infinite.                                                                                             

Message---"Light is power, but obedience to God in Christ Jesus is the source."


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