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Christianity and gay ministers


It would be proper as an introduction to this contentious issue to state that the love of God is endless with His warm arm widely stretched out to all. God is always eager to hug us even with our filthiness, because He loves to chat with us on real issues about His divine goodness, on issues of our individual purposes in life and ways of achieving them. Importantly, He always wants to share with us the magnificience of His spiritual power given to us to positively influence global affairs.  However, this level of communication is only possible after He cleanse us by His Spirit in His word. Dirt always hinders our relationship with God. Dirt here means spiritual uncleanliness like hate, jealousy, murder, stealing, lying and so forth.

The whole cleansing process of God through Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit is what we know as salvation from the Holy Bible. This is the complete reconciliation of God with humanity by His Spirit through Christ Jesus (The gospel).

Therefore, the gospel of Christ Jesus simply means the good news. This good news is not an empty shell neither is it an expression of lifelessness, weakness and hopelessness.

The good news of the divine God to humanity is packed full of blessings, peace, fulfillment, power and freedom. These and more others constitute the righteousness of God the Father to humanity. Therefore, salvation is been saved from corruption to uprightness, or been set free from the bondage of darkness (Devil) into the infinite power of light.  That is, salvation is the saving power of God through the person of Christ Jesus, who died for the sins of humanity and rose bodily from the dead for our redemption. His bodily resurrection from the dead represents the everlasting victory of life over the spirit of death. Hence,who so ever submits to the Lordship of Christ Jesus is set free from bondage of sin and death into true freedom, which is life eternal.

In simple explanation, it is like pulling of someone out from irredeemable debt to excellent credit position. This salvation or freedom to enjoy the benefits of God the Father is now available to the whole world through the perfect provision of love to humankind by Christ Jesus. However, this gift of salvation becomes available only to those who would believe that Jesus is the Messiah (Christ), who was of the heavenly Glory, but took human flesh as the Son of God to save the world from the power of sin and death to life. It is spiritual requirements that you must first believe in your heart that Jesus is the Messiah, who is Christ and confess it with your mouth to receive this gift of salvation. After these acceptance and declaration, in the spiritual realm, the Holy Spirit would replace the old dead spirit in your heart (Soul) with the new living Spirit of the divine God and this is the process generally referred to as being born again (Newness of life).

Being born again is not a mental equation stimulated on humanistic, sociological, and logical compositions, but of the spiritual realm of God. This is the birth of human vessels into the Spirit of the living Christ, then characterized by our fruits as bearers or vessels of the righteousness of God here on earth.

Further, the gospel of Christ Jesus brings to our inner being that the true relationship with God the Father is now reality and not ritualistic bond. The gospel of Christ Jesus is the only testimony forever that shows our relationship with God in Christ Jesus is progressive, truthful, comprehensive, and living. The gospel of Christ Jesus is not short sighted, dead, and unjustifiable in composure. The gospel is a living relationship with truth of the Spirit.

Of note is that no person can confess Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, only by the power of the Holy Spirit. The meaning of this is that when the Holy Spirit introduces Jesus, who is the Christ into our heart as freedom, life, joy, and access to your identity, some would wholesomely accept this invitation, while others would out rightly deny Jesus as their Savior.

The Holy Spirit is the One that introduces and guarantees to us this everlasting relationship with God the Father in Christ Jesus. Whoever believes in Christ Jesus and rejects the indwelling of Holy Spirit is not of Christ. The Holy Spirit is the living presence of God in the bodies of believers (Christians or followers of Christ) and this is who separates Christians from non-Christians.

Based on these facts, our relationship with the living God is on divine standards favorably given to us to live the fullness of His blessings.

Some of these standards of God are holiness, truth, love, peace, spiritual discipline, obedience, patience, faith, humility, righteousness, compassion, and fellowship in His Spirit. As children of God, we are required to focus wholly on Christ Jesus and to walk according to His truth. This is because His truth is the only assurance to our real identity, happiness, and success in life.

Now that the foundation of Christianity is open to our understanding, we can now proceed in connecting this with the issue of gay ministers in the Church.

As a step forward, let us define what the Church is. The Church simply means the body of Christ. Christ Jesus is the head and founder of the Church and every believer is His body. The head (Christ Jesus) and the body (believers/Church) are one in Spirit. The body is here to populate the earth with the righteousness of God the Father. The body of Christ (The Church) is established on the blood of Christ Jesus that was shed on the cross of Calvary for the perfect and everlasting payment for sin.  His resurrection from the dead is the perfect confirmation of victory to all who would believe in Him as Lord and Savior. Finally, His ascension bodily to heaven (Throne of Glory), is the perfect restoration of believers reign as heirs to all the provisions of the divine God the Father both in heaven (Spiritual) and on earth (Physical).

Therefore, every believer must accept these basic spiritual facts of the head, who is Christ Jesus without compromise. This is the reason the body of Christ (The Church) is not the physical buildings as most people wrongly assume it to be; rather the bodies of believers make up the Church,who is the spiritual and physical part of Christ Jesus here on earth.

 The Church is a living spiritual personality although with different parts. Just like the human body with different parts. The different parts of the Church here mean there are different assignments with different operations to different vessels (Ministers) of Christ with all working together as one by the same Spirit.  The Church as a whole functions and is led in direction and operations by the Holy Spirit in the name of Christ Jesus.

Therefore, where two or more believers are together, it means there is fellowship with the Spirit of Christ. This assembly of believers (The Church) is firm on righteousness, truth, and power of the Holy Spirit. There is no Church in heaven. However, there are purified celestial beings on the throne of Glory giving praises and adoration to the living God the Father in the name of Christ Jesus. These celestial beings are not male or female, but the spirits of the believers who have transcended from the earthly realm in continuation of life in the spiritual realms with the divine characteristics of the Holy Spirit in the fullness of Christ Jesus. There are also in heaven other heavenly hosts like angels.

It is very clear from the Holy Scripture that no one born of the Spirit of Christ can still maintain his or her old sexual preference in terms of been gay. It runs contrary to the vision of Christ Jesus and a misnomer to the governing principles of God the Father. To make it clearer, it is an aberration in the divine presence of God as these so-called gay ministers clearly undermine the complete sacrifice our Lord Jesus Christ did on the cross of calvary with the adherence to their old sexual preference.  

Homosexuality is a spiritual error and a direct attack from the adversary against humanity. The mistake most folks do not realize is that whoever is born again by the Spirit of God is a new creation in Christ Jesus. When some professes to being gay and ministers in the Church, they are simply missing the spiritual mark in Christ Jesus. Their understanding of Christianity needs spiritual update, because they are exercising their belief more on mental and possibly philosophical perception, which shows their peripheral attention to the spiritual mission of Christ Jesus to humanity. They are bias to the realm of commitment to the Spirit of the living God by assuming that their works and educational (Theological) qualifications as the leeway for them into the service and real spiritual relationship with Christ Jesus. 

When a homosexual gives his life to Christ, then he ceases to be homosexual but now born again of the Spirit of Christ. That sexual preference that once held the individual in bondage by faith is no longer part of his nature in Christ Jesus, but a new creation (Spirit). The old sinful ways like the spirit of homosexuality is dead, buried, no longer exist, and has passed away with the death on the cross by Christ Jesus.   The reason for this is that homosexuality is a spirit from the adversary and makes its culprits to believe that their situation has no remedy. This deceitful message is relayed into the minds of people that it is a necessary choice some of them have to make or they were born naturally with it. Again, these are fat lies from the pit of hell! No one born of the Spirit of Christ can remain homosexual, because nothing is impossible with God. 

Any minister in the house of God that still holds to his or her old ways such as sexual preference, fornication and so forth have reduced the relevance of the Church of Christ to a social jamboree and not the spiritual foundation of truth and love. They have appointed to themselves the legalistic approach to the service of God the Father instead of abiding to the revelation of the Holy Spirit, who is the true guide to all things in the Church.

Yes! Let us re-emphasize one key point again into our memory. Homosexuality is a spirit that captures the minds of some people to lust sexually after their kind, with the clear intention to fight against creation. It is a hidden spiritual deception from the adversary against natural sequence.

As believers in Christ, the Holy Spirit who is in us makes us into the newness of life in Christ Jesus. We still maintain our physical appearance, but the real you is no longer the old deprived life, but the new you, is the liberated and purposeful life in Christ Jesus. The sinful ways were on Christ Jesus at the cross of calvary and destroyed when He died for our sins. This means, His death was the death, the end and destruction of the old sinful ways in us. His resurrection from the dead means the victory of truth, love, peace, holiness, freedom, and wealth for us over all deceit, hate, lust, bondage and other wicked ways of the adversary.

Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to walk according to His promises, which starts with our faith in Him. This means to believe in His promises from His word, declare them into our lives, and then walk in His Spirit. Our focus and activities should always be in the spiritual realm of our Lord and Master.

The good thing about the gospel of Christ Jesus is that it exposes us to the truth not with slight, nor with the intention to punish, badmouth, or downgrade anyone; rather the whole purpose is to help our weaknesses by lifting us up. The gospel is the presence of boldness for us to look straight into the eyes of our challenges or difficulties, and directly use the name of Christ Jesus that is above all situations, to break down those situations. The gospel of Christ Jesus is the presence of all we need to live as victors and not the victims. The gospel is the only presence of total assurance that we are the standard-bearers of truth, light, love, and peace among others virtues honestly to ourselves first, to our neighbors and then to the world and not inferior and cowed personalities. The gospel is the fullness of liberty to anyone who would embrace the Spirit with clean heart and abiding humility.

The gospel of Christ is not just an issue of theoretical comportment but is the living substance of eternity connecting with humanity by the infinite weight of love.  The gospel is not where you determine what and how you want to play with the divine rules. No, no, no!!! The gospel of Christ is the presence that determines the rules we are to follow in our lives. This is because, the gospel is the perfect presentation of our true diagram given to us unselfishly by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, into our conscious being. That is, genuine purpose of humanity is in the gospel of Christ Jesus.

Some Churches have accepted these homosexual ministers thing as an act of compassion and open-minded faith measure base on societal trend. This writer sincerely believes that compassion and open mindedness are not just void issues, but filled with truth and order. The fact simply remains that in the spiritual realm, there is no place for such unruliness, such as homosexuality in the holy presence of God. 

 However, there is every room for the Church to embrace these folks with true compassion and forgiving heart, but without any iota of compromising the truth of the gospel just to satisfy human ego.  The Church should embrace homosexuals with love for their repentance and not to bend the foundation of the Church built on truth and freedom. Our love should be on truth by exposing their spiritual weakness to them and at the same time give them the spiritual lessons to help them conform to the right path in Christ Jesus. The Church must embrace the person but not the spirit and this spirit, is error, deceptive and wicked. Christianity or the gospel of Christ Jesus is tolerant, forgiving, and is unbending in love sharing among other virtues. When you are in bondage to any vice and comes to Christ, the power of that vice is destroyed by the resurrection life of Christ Jesus in you.  The spirit of the adversary should be rejected totally from diverting the course of the Church. This means, more spiritual tutoring to members of the Church including homosexuals. The fight against the spirit or error must be a continuous and relentless one because is the duty of the Church to save the person from the bondage of the spirit of the adversary.

The perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of calvary is never of ceremonial attention, but is for us to follow with great commitment by consistently working on our faith to remain spiritually strong and to grow in Him. No one comes to Jesus Christ and still maintain their old ways. Nobody ever touches Jesus Christ without experiencing dramatic change in his or her life. It is just impossible. The power to clean us forever fresh is Christ Jesus.

Now let us assume this situation. If a thief says he is a believer in Christ and keeps stealing, what would you think? Most worrisome is when his argument would be that he was born with it, because his father was a well-known shoplifter in town. How would you evaluate such position, when such person, sees salvation as just cosmetic; a mask face thing with no deep-seated spiritual essence? Even to a large extent, he might encourage others to come to Christ while excluding himself from walking in His light. This simply means we are not truly sincere to ourselves because of lack of spiritual knowledge in Christ Jesus. Whoever is committed to Christ Jesus must submit to His Lordship by giving up their old ways for the new and vibrant life that the Spirit of Christ Jesus offers. Christianity is living the resurrection life of Christ Jesus. That is our testimony as believers in Christ.

 Please, do not get the message wrong here. This article is only out to set the record straight based on the truth from the Holy Scripture. This is because; the Holy Scripture is very clear on what constitute our relationship and service with God.

It is not the letters of the Holy Bible and the profession of faith that matter. The real content of the gospel of Christ Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit through believers who are now vessels of God.

However, there are fake Christians just as you have fake money and products in our society.

I used the word fake with no apology to anyone that may feel offended. It is just the truth and the purpose of this message is not to appeal to emotions or the mental aptitude of any, but to help in presenting the truth in very clear language that best reflects the spiritual message of God and not of man. This is the only way that the truth of the gospel of Christ Jesus can actually make anyone free.

Now that salvation and the inseparable relationship with the Spirit of Christ are established as above, the discussion then becomes clearer and easier to understand, because the standard is of God and not coated spiritual bearings by men.

First, salvation is only by Christ Jesus and it is free. Secondly and most importantly is the Spirit of Christ that guides and leads our steps of righteousness. Without the Spirit of Christ as the ultimate guide in any believer, then he or she is not of Christ and a liar (Roman 8: 9).

The whole purpose of the redeeming quality of God to humanity (Salvation) is for us to embrace His goodness and power by putting away the old bondage that held us back.

If you stole before, when you come to Christ, the Spirit of Christ requires that you stop stealing and start to work right with your hands. If you were an adulterer, the Spirit of Christ requires that you stop your old ways and take up the new and sure way of Christ, which means you become clean. Now, if you were homosexual, the same Spirit of Christ requires that you stop your old ways and embrace the new, which is to become normal. Jesus rightly said it that whoever would follow Him must deny himself. This means, whoever would come to Christ Jesus must reject your old self for the new you in Christ Jesus. You cannot serve God and mammon (Yourself or idol)

You cannot keep your old ways and acknowledge Christ as your Lord and Master.

The maths does not add up.   

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God bless you

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