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1.   Who is a Christian?                                                    3

2.   The new birth in Christ Jesus                                 22

3.   Why Jesus came                                                         80

4.   Why they do not believe                                            92

5.   Importance of His resurrection                               133

 6.   Christians and non-Christians                              163

7.  Christ as the foundation of the Church                 216

 8Who is Saint?                                                              235

9.  Scriptural references                                                  240

10. What is Prayer?                                                          260

11. Youths should come to Church                             286

12. Conclusion                                                                  303

Notes                                                                                   306

       3 Songs of Worship                                           307


Our mission is to reveal the hidden truth of God in Christ Jesus in simple and special way. The emphasis is to highlight Christ Jesus in His true spiritual picture, which is vital in understanding His person and purpose to humanity. We would carefully explain some reasons the world needs to understand Him from the heavenly (spiritual) realm, as this is the only means of fully grasping the truth that allows all to draw from His infinite life. This is because, logic or mental science can never understand the things of God. Today, people have reasons to question the "Christian movement" because; we have not provided solutions to the need of troubled souls and the dire crisis in societies. What we now have in some services or faith-based gatherings are persuasions and not the Word of Life. In Christ Jesus, problems are solved, people are set free from all bondage and the release of the abundant life to all, who believe in His Lordship are accomplished. Our study will center on the divine essence, or the spiritual life and values of Christ Jesus in relation to our daily living. Christianity is not religion but life. This eternal life from Christ must be truly reflective in Christians for others to see and be drawn to God. Furthermore, explanations would be given to some of the wrong perceptions that has crept into the minds of people, and reveal the true Light that would enable all to appreciate Christ Jesus...who is the only and true life giver. Finally, our source and guide to this study is the Holy Spirit, the only instructor to the things of God.



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God is the Supreme living spiritual personality or essence, with infinite power and life span. He is the creator of existence, both in heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1). He made man in His own image and likeness, and gave man the authority to rule the earth as His delegate. This is confirmed in Genesis 1: 28, where the Holy Bible says; And God blessed them (Man), and God said unto them (Adam and Eve), be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. These were the original instructions and authority from God to Adam and Eve to rule the earth as the first representatives of the human race. They missed it, when they disobeyed the commandment of God. Their disobedience was sin and this sinful nature was from the devil, which polluted Adam and resulted in the loss of his inheritance or authority over the earth. By his act of disobedience as the head of the human race, Adam sold the whole of humanity (Man/mankind) into slavery, under the rule of the devil. Thus, Jesus who was in the Godhead as the infinite embodiment of God s divine Word, even before creation, took human form to represent mankind to the situation caused by Adam. The living Word in heaven became flesh to correct the evil nature and reconcile man back to God. These were accomplished with His sinless blood (Everlasting peace) on the Cross of Calvary. Therefore, as the Holy Spirit raised him bodily from the dead; the victory, freedom and blessings of God the Father over sin and death became alive in Him and to all, who would believe in His holy name. 


                    Who is a Christian?


First, let us begin by celebrating Jesus from our heart with these words, that He is blessed. He is great. He is the Prince of Peace and Everlasting Glory. He is Lord over all principalities and powers. He reigns forever both in heaven and on earth as King Eternal. He is here and now with His abundant love in our heart by His Spirit. Amen!

This text, primarily as fellowship in Spirit flows as thus; Jesus said in the gospel book of John 3: 5-6 Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. In addition, in Chapter 4: 24 of the same book, He said; God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Again, according to gospel book of John 6: 63, He declared; It is the Spirit that quickeneth (gives life); the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life. The next reference is very important for all to know and think about, because there Jesus Christ made a very profound statement, which anchors the life of every believer. This should encourage everyone to raise our voice to the entire world by declaring, Jesus is alive! That He is truly alive forever as King Eternal. Here are His own words of life, truth and victory, which confirms His deity, meaning His divine, sovereign Personality and reveals His everlasting life or essence and dominion. This is in the gospel book of John 14:18, where He said; I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more, but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also. What a great confession of His divine reality, of His infinite supremacy and immense prophetic knowledge. This simply gives us the conclusion of His perfect unity and heavenly possession with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. This is because, that statement is an opening into our spiritual understanding of Christ Jesus accurate record of past events in Him, who could see, knows, and can predetermine present events from within Him in perfection. In addition, who could meticulously predict, foresee, prophesy and when necessary arrange future events according to His will to God the Father s glory with exact capacity. The message here is that, God through Christ Jesus showed His spiritual activities in physical form to the world. Not for human intellect to limit His endless and sovereign Personality to the physical human form of Christ Jesus, but for humanity to see through the vast arrangements of the heavenly by the operations of the Holy Spirit, in and through Christ Jesus in words and deeds in great supernatural proportions. This is because, the divinity of Christ Jesus is not on physical conception, neither is His spiritual manifestation by any human design, but only from God, who is Spirit. Thus, for any man to grasp from the knowledge of God, the human heart must be open to God s spiritual revelation, and not to mental or logical deductions of the mind. To be born again according to the words of Jesus is spiritual activity and privilege received into human vessels here on earth and expressed by the Holy Spirit. The word of God is spirit and life (John 6; 63). The word of God is God (John 1: 1). Similarly, anyone that comes to God in the name of Christ Jesus receives the same Spirit and life of God.

To this extent, the heart that is open to the words of Jesus Christ, will receive spiritual food, which is the true substance of life. As this foundation settles in our heart, it then makes this study simple to understand. This is because, the revelation of Christ Jesus is first spiritual, which cancels all human forecast, concepts and assumptions, but directs the heart to rely only on the Holy Spirit as the ultimate tutor and guide to the things of the heavenly Father; who is the only true and living God.

Given the above premise, the definition of a Christian, simply means, the follower of Jesus Christ. A follower is anyone, who has established relationship with God, by accepting the revelation of Christ that He is the Messiah or Savior of the world. He came from heaven to earth, and took human form by birth through the blessed virgin woman called Mary. Jesus was without sin in Him before and after birth. This is because, He came directly as One in and from the divine God. Hence, the holy child from Mary s womb was not of human seed, because the seed was not from the male reproductive organ, but was the release of the fullness of God the Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit as a spiritual seed and took the human form or body only from the chosen and blessed woman. Therefore, He was the very image and fullness of the living God, although with human body and in real sense, He was not from an earthly father. He willingly took the sins of the world on Himself as the sacrificial lamb, and died on the Cross of Calvary to save the world from the principle of sin and death that reigned over mankind. His sinless blood was shed on the cross for sinful man. This was the complete price for the payment, and removal of sin from the flesh that gave mankind freedom from the bondage of sin and death, whose chief ruler is satan. He died for the sins of the whole world, and was raised to life from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was through death in His flesh that He got access to hell and fought the battle of salvation with the chief rulers of darkness right in their domain, and subdued, overcame and defeated satan with all its allies by the eternal power of God in Him. His resurrected life is the testimony or banner of victory over the power of sin and death. Therefore, anyone who believes in Him receives His same life in him or her, which is eternal life. This is the victory of life over death, of good over evil and of obedience to God over disobedience. He is alive forever, and seated on the throne in heaven as the everlasting Father (Isaiah 9:6). This means, He is One with God the Father in essence, operations and sovereign power. Therefore, the follower of Jesus is more than a supporter of the divine purpose of God, but is one with the very divine nature and character of the resurrected life of Jesus Christ. This means, a Christian is now another of Jesus-kind. In the same vein, anyone that accepts truly in the heart that, Jesus died on the cross for his or her sins, and confess openly with the mouth that He was raised bodily from the dead by the glory of the God the Father, that person is saved (Romans 10: 9-10). This is whom the Holy Scripture refers to as believer, or born again, generally known as Christian. The term Christian was coin from Christ-like attitude or behavior. The phrase refers to those, who believe that Christ Jesus is not dead, but alive and He is Lord in their lives, and reigns forever. In other words, He now lives in earthly vessels (Human bodies) with His Spirit by exhibiting the very nature and character of God in Him here on earth through all His faithful. The word Christian was first used in the city of Antioch (Acts 11: 26). The reference was to those, who kept themselves together in fellowship after the bodily ascension of Christ Jesus into heaven. This was because, they were portraying the teachings and attitude of Christ, hence were called by others as Christ like or kind of people. Thus, anyone who believes Jesus is the Christ, is saved and born of God (1 John 5: 1). Christ is the same as the anointed One, Messiah or Savior of the world. He was anointed by God, from God and confirmed in God the Father to the world as the only perfect and acceptable sacrifice for the sins of mankind, and the everlasting peace between God and man. As the beloved Son of God, Jesus had the absolute power and nature of God the Father in Him to fulfill the will of God here on earth. As He often called Himself, the Son of man. This did not reduce His deity, neither was His supreme divine personality ever diminished. In other words, His divine personality was not second to God, but was and is of God.  His appellation as the Son of man, rather confirmed His heavenly presence and inheritance even before the foundation of the world. By calling Himself the Son of man, He was directly expressing His intention of service to humanity or mankind. The Son of man simply means, the heavenly personality of God took human form to represent the purpose of man, as it was originally from God. This was to restore dominion or authority on earth back to man. Unknown to all, except to God the Father and to those who had His spiritual revelation, like John the Baptist; by Jesus reference to Himself as the Son of man was actually the signal of claim to the inheritance of the heavenly Father on earth on behalf of man. As the Son of man, He became a servant to God and mankind. Put in proper perspective as servant, meant He was in service to the purpose of mankind as the original inheritor, heir or successor to the resources of God the Father on earth. The message Jesus was making to the adversary and its systems, was the spiritual declaration that, whatever you (satan) have stolen from God s children, I AM (Jesus) now here in service of man. In other words, He was saying, I AM the representative of man from God to claim His goodness and resources in the world back to His children. As the Son of man, He was declaring to the wicked spirits of the devil that, He is from God and now in form of man (flesh) for the service of man, to set them free from deprivation into their rightful inheritance, and to establish the fruitful relationship with the heavenly Father forever. Let us make this simple. The declaration Jesus was making was; the earth is the Lord s and its fullness. That means, God created the earth or the universe and all resources in it by His sovereign power and the authority to rule His creation rest squarely with Him and not the wrong manipulation from the adversary. God lovingly gave man the authority to rule the earth according to His will, but satan stole this authority from man through deceit to establish its wickedness, sin and death. This was against the original purpose or will of God. Therefore, Jesus as the Son of man, God was and is alive in Him as fully man with the perfect Anointing, to restore dominion over all things on earth according to God s goodness and love to mankind. Some will wonder, how can God take human form? They forget to understand that nothing is impossible with the infinite and all-powerful God. He is not like men, with limited abilities. Anyone, who understands the workings of the spiritual, will know God is capable of doing anything He desires. His power is absolute but use very wisely and compassionately. Therefore, all that He accomplished through Christ Jesus here on earth was by His living Spirit (Anointing), who now is working mightily in the lives of those who believe in Christ (Christians). Clearly, all issues relating to His abilities and purpose of whatever He chooses to do or show are first of spiritual content. The Holy Spirit of God cannot and is not limited in size, shape, form and operations. He chooses and executes at His sovereign will, and nothing can stop or determine His conditions and goal, but only by Himself. Jesus had a human flesh, but His complete nature and content were perfectly spiritual with God the Father. That was why amongst others, He could walk on waters and even stopped the wave of the sea, because the whole creation came from Him by God the Father. So, let our heart search for the spiritual magnitude of Christ, and the great assurance is that, we would detect or discern the perfect nature of the Spiritual God in Him. Moreover, whenever that spark of His revelation is shown in our heart, we would witness His amazing grace and be lifted up to that atmosphere of seeing the immeasurable gift He gave to humanity forever. In any case, back to the point. Like earthly children have inheritance to their parent s possessions or wealth. The same way was Jesus saying, I AM here in flesh as man, on man s behalf, and will claim my possessions on earth for humanity to enjoy, which are from my heavenly Father. That means, He was claiming authority over the earth, which is God s creation. The original plan of God is for man to dominate the earth with His divine goodness. This plan has not changed in God s reckoning, and that was exactly what the Son of man accomplished for humanity. He was the official lamb from God to save man from the bondage of slavery. God Almighty brought the power of darkness on earth under the control of man, through the perfect obedience of Jesus Christ to death on the cross and raised bodily from the dead to life, which is the whole message of the gospel of salvation to the world. The sinless blood of Jesus Christ is the bridge that separates light from darkness, life from death and victory from failure or slavery. This bridge is built in God s name, purpose and command, and no force can stand the power of this bridge forever.

Based on the love of God to His human creation through the remission of sins by Jesus Christ, whoever believes the witness of God concerning Jesus Christ as the Messiah (Christ), receives eternal life. Eternal life is the very life in and of God. This is the same as the Holy Spirit, which was revealed in full by Christ Jesus to the world. Every Christian has eternal life, because the Spirit of God now lives inside the believer as divine seed. 

The doctrine of Christ is the same as the revelation of Christ, which simply means, the descriptive picture of God through Christ Jesus, as observed and written by holy men and women, who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. This is the full revelation of God, expressed by His beloved Son, Christ Jesus to the world. The usage of the term doctrine, should not be construe in literary context. Rather, these are the expressions in written words or messages, coded in spiritual content, and led into the spiritual insight of the living or divine laws of God, in the person of Christ Jesus, seen and witnessed in physical form to the world by the operations of the Holy Spirit. This is the heavenly vision and projections of God the Father as in the spiritual, brought to human race or physical in Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was the body or the human person, and the Holy Spirit supplied all that is of, and in God the Father through Him to the world.                       


Who is Christ?

Christ is the divine name and office of the heavenly anointing from God the Father on the person of Jesus. This heavenly name and office was from the throne of God, confirmed on Him here on earth by the heavenly Father, and received on Him by the Holy Spirit. The anointing, who is Christ, is the fullness of God s glory, which the Holy Spirit released on the person of Jesus, as the chosen One from heaven to perfect salvation for mankind. Salvation means the price paid to set those held in bondage free, and restore them back to more than their former lost dignity, and or to their place of glory, which is victory. It is another way of claiming restoration, refund or something taken out of debt and placed in its real and higher credit value. The word of God says, Jesus is the Christ (John 5:1), which means, He is the Messiah. Stated differently, He was the appointed One by God, in God and from God to perfect the will of God on earth, as the savior or defender of the world from the reign of the devil. Before Jesus came and satisfied the perfect requirement of God, evil reigned and was in charge of the earth, but after His death and bodily resurrection, the power of God with His true relationship was restored on earth to mankind. The appropriation and use of this authority given back to us in Christ Jesus, through the love of God the Father and by the power of the Holy Spirit is now our responsibility and not God s. The anointing is the heavenly ministry on the divine person of Jesus, who as the Son of God was the only responsible officer/personality assigned from heaven, to render the ultimate service of God to the world, which was to destroy the wicked spirit of darkness that held mankind in bondage, through sin and death. The freedom path is our faith in Christ Jesus, which gives us access to the Kingdom of God and authority over all the works of evil. This is the loving gift, Jesus Christ gave freely to the world to enjoy. This gift becomes active to those, who believe in Him as the Messiah or Lord and Savior of the world. Do we mean, Savior of the whole world and not just part? Yes! The whole world. We are saved, removed or rescued from the power of darkness to light in Him. Moreover, is through His victory, the glory of God is restored, refreshed and accounted into the respective lives of all who believes in Him. God s glory means, the spiritual and physical display of His abundant love, goodness and greatness in the lives of His beloved vessels, and over all creation. Jesus, who was from God, received the anointing He had in heaven before He came to earth in flesh, after John baptized Him in water, by the river Jordan (Luke 3:21-22). Therefore, He was the sinless human person, who was of the Holy Spirit, even before birth, and received the fullness of His office in the Anointing, conferred on Him as the Lamb of God or sacrifice for sins of the world, which He did not commit. In other words, He was the divine object of sacrifice, which the sins of the world were laid on and judged. He was the High priest and sacrifice of God the Father, with the heavenly anointing in one body. Christ and the person of Jesus are not separate; neither are they two entities but the same Spirit, with one divine purpose in the person of Christ Jesus. The purpose was to reconcile God and man in one sinless and spiritual body, after destroying sin in the flesh. The purpose was to introduce eternal life to humanity forever, which is God s spectacle of love. Christ is the spiritual revelation of God in the office of salvation to humanity, while the person of Jesus was the sinless revelation of God s human personality on earth to perfect salvation. The human personality of God does not mean God has the physical shape as man, but that the characteristics or content in man, like man sees, walk, think, talk, eats (God s food is love from one heart to another) are some of the characteristics in God. Although, He has much more like, He does not sleep and can be everywhere at the same time with same overwhelming power and knowledge over all situations. God can engage in all activities like talking His will into thousands of human hearts, performing divine help (miracles) to millions of people, sharing His love to hundreds of thousands of women and children, moving mountains to other locations and other supernatural activities without any iota of His diminishing power, focus and abilities to all. He is ever constant and absolute in creative, performing and connecting abilities. 

Let us track back to the issue on hand. The primary purpose of God was to deal squarely with the common enemy, both in the spiritual and physical realms. This was to restore man s lost glory (Remember, Adam and Eve became naked after their sinful act?) and that, the appropriate fellowship with Him is established. Therefore, Christ is the living Spiritual that connected with the living physical in one body, who is Jesus. Salvation was a divine responsibility, which required a sinless human body, having the spiritual power of God in one divine person on earth. Therefore, Jesus the person, and Christ, the heavenly anointing is one of the same God, completely fulfilled in Christ Jesus. This is because, the heavenly anointing was only on the holy, sinless and perfect human body of Jesus, who is the Son of God, and is the true God (1 John 5; 20). He was the only divine person, with the absolute qualification to receive and perfectly act according to the anointing from God the Father, for the work of salvation. The confirmation that Jesus is the Christ was done by God the Father on Him on several occasions, amongst are, when God said; Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased (Luke 3: 22). Also, during His transfiguration, according to the gospel book of Luke 9: 35, God confirmed Jesus as His Son in the presence of His three disciples; who were Peter, James and John, and with the two heavenly hosts; who were Moses and Elijah; who came back in spirit and ministry as John the Baptist (Matthew 11: 13-14). Here was the supreme confirmation from God the Father on Jesus, when He said; This is my beloved Son, hear Him. Here was God in His most honorable and magnificent self, openly confirming to the world to follow the instructions or words of Christ Jesus, because they were true and divine. This was God s irreversible agreement with who Jesus Christ said He is to the world. The only One Anointed forever with the love and justice principle of the supreme heavenly vision to regulate the creative component of existence in the world according to the utter will of God the Father, to the ultimate benefit of mankind. This confirmation was necessary because, Jesus is the Truth, the Peace and Life who cannot lie, as He was truly from heaven as the living Word, who is God.

The other confirmation to this study as highlighted below is very intriguing. This is because of the reaction of the people in days of John the Baptist, whom they accepted was a messenger and Prophet of God. Nevertheless, the same people, who accepted John s prophetic words as genuine, and were from God, rejected his prophecy by spiritual revelation on Jesus is the Christ (Messiah). This is very amazing! As it shows how people make selective judgments, based on convenience and falsehood, and not on truth or good conscience. The Holy Scripture reveals in the gospel book of Mark 11: 32 that, there was an argument by the elders of the people with Jesus. Their concern was by whose authority Jesus was acting on; they were referring to His teachings and miracles. In other words, they were challenging His authority and wants Him to confirm His source of power and divine activities. Jesus then replied their question or concern with the most striking answer. That is, by whose authority did they believe John the Baptist acted on, whom they all agreed was a true Prophet but refused his message concerning Christ? Was his authority from God or men? Here was the response of the elders to the question Jesus asked them, But if they say, of men; they feared the people: for all men counted John that he was a prophet indeed.  What! Read Luke 20; 1-8 for further affirmation of this story. Let us repeat what they said for the purpose of clarity; for all men counted (agreed) that John the Baptist was a Prophet with great admiration. This means, he was a genuine Prophet from God without doubt, based on their definitive expression indeed. John the Baptist was a Prophet of the high esteem following Biblical standard and heavenly ordination, because of the great works and messages that came from God through him.

The above statement from the elders and the people showed they believed John the Baptist was truly a Prophet of God, which means, his prophecies or messages were from God and correct. Subsequently, if they agreed his prophecies were from God and correct, why did they not believe his confirmations on Jesus is the Christ, as he did in gospel book of John 1: 29; Behold the lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world. Again, given the fact that John the Baptist was amongst the greatest of the old Prophets, why did the people accepted all his prophecies, but rejected the one concerning Jesus, as the perfect sacrifice from God for the remission of sin? The reason for their rejection is biased judgments of men, which comes from deceitful mentality. Men, or in modest terms, some people are ruled by the fear factor, and fear is the principal component of the devil and not of God. This is because, the message of fear is doubt, hopelessness, and that is the main key to failure in any endeavor. When true love and peace guides the heart, people will find the revelation of God in Christ Jesus simple and genuine to understand, and follow through to genuine success with happy and healthy life that has meaning. Any reasoning of men tinted with fear is not to godly direction. In the book of John 1: 34, he said, And I saw and bare record that this is the Son of God. What did John see? He saw the Spirit of God like a dove descending from heaven on the person of Jesus. This means, John the Baptist saw the heavenly anointing by spiritual revelation on Jesus, who came from God as the Messiah, the anointed One with the power of life over death.  What is spiritual revelation? This is the godly consciousness to see the activities of the heavenly realm only through the eyes or abilities of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual revelation is not of the flesh, but of the heart that is open by the Spirit of Christ to engage in supernatural activities of God, while here on earth with physical body. Therefore, the anointing, which John saw on Jesus Christ was the confirmation that He is the Son of God, with power from the throne of Grace to solve the deficiency of mankind, caused by sin and death from the devil, the enemy of all good things and prosperity.

Consequently, if the validity of John the Baptist prophecies were not in doubt, because he was an acknowledged Prophet of God by all. Then, his confirmation of Jesus is the Christ is correct, and renders all misgivings or questions baseless as the consequence of men, who prefer to live in darkness with pride, rather than light, which is truth and humility that are only from God. In addition, worldly perceptions are govern by wickedness, which normally makes it suitable for men to live in shadows and hide their weaknesses (wicked deeds) in darkness, instead of giving in to the power of light that comes only from love, who is Christ that would liberate them into their rightful inheritance in God s provisions. It would be worthy to state that, while all the old prophecies were pointing to the coming of the Messiah, John the Baptist was the living Prophet, who confirmed Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah or Savior of the world. He also, recognized his authority was lesser to Jesus, because Jesus as the Son of God was the complete revelation of the divine God. It is no common feat for any man to accept and subjugate their office of honor in the eyes of all to another. This was not the case with John, who said, Jesus would increase and he would decrease (John 3:30). This open confession by John of the higher power of Jesus over his comes from divine understanding and prophetic humility. The meaning of his statement was that, while he as a prophetic personality with ministry will fade away, Jesus, as the everlasting victor directly from the throne of God would blossom forever. According to the Holy Scripture, John the Baptist was intentionally sent by God to represent the Old Testament Prophets (prophecies) and to confirm Jesus as the Messiah to the world (John 1: 6-8).

It is relevant to state that the confirmation of Jesus as the Messiah, by God the Father in the presence of two heavenly hosts; (Moses and Elijah), with three of Jesus disciples (Peter, James and John) and finally, through John the Baptist is the proof of the completeness of the Holy Scripture. Why, some may ask?  From the beginning, after man lost the authority on earth by Adam to satan, the prophecies of the Savior (Promise) to come, were all translated in different ways and through different Prophets to the world. Therefore, the significance of the transfiguration aside from the heavenly confirmation by God the Father on Jesus as the Messiah was that, with the presence of the two heavenly hosts, the revelation on Jesus Christ as truly from God for the great work of salvation, which they (Prophets) all prophesied was fulfilled. Moses was the beginning of the Prophets and Elijah, who came in his spirit and ministry as John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus Christ was last (Matthew 11: 13-14). As we know, the Old Testament Prophets were all between Moses, who had great spiritual revelation and contacts with God, which led him to have written the first five books in the Holy Bible, referred to as Pentateuch. Also, was the most revealing Prophet with the awakening insight to the coming work of salvation in John the Baptist, who fulfilled the spiritual prophesy of Elijah as the forerunner/precursor of the Messiah, was the last of the old Testament Prophets. Therefore, God the Father could have done this confirmation on Jesus without the heavenly hosts, but in His sovereign power, wisdom, and to strengthen the understanding of His unity with Christ Jesus, He chose this arrangement to connect and fulfill the first and last prophesies and Prophets in one person, who is Christ Jesus. In addition, the confirmation was to connect the spiritual revelation with the physical relevance to those, who would embrace the vision of God in Christ Jesus after His resurrection and ascension to heaven. The physical presence of the disciples of Jesus were to witness the heavenly conferment on Jesus as the Messiah or the sacrificial lamb of God, whose sole purpose was to die for the sins of the world and reconnect mankind back to God through His resurrected life. The connection of the spiritual, that is the heavenly hosts and the disciples of Jesus Christ in one forum, arranged supernaturally by God the Father, was for one purpose, which was the declaration of ownership or Lordship of Christ Jesus over all activities in heaven and on earth, and been in perfect unity with God the Father. The transfiguration of Christ Jesus was the conclusion of the master plan, which was the beginning and restoration of eternal life here on earth forever. That great spiritual episode was the release of the purpose of man, fulfilled in the gift of God the Father in love, the only source and giver of eternal life to all, who will believe in Christ Jesus. The transfiguration of Christ Jesus simply means the perfect release and permission of God s glory on Christ Jesus as the representative of mankind from the throne of God to satisfy the justice principle on sin through death, but making the glory available to humanity in love through life in Him forever. Let us make it very clear. That was the baptism of God s glory on Christ Jesus, who is the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Peter, James and John were divinely relevant to the purpose of God in Christ Jesus, because as the future leaders of the Church after the ascension of Jesus Christ, the heavenly glory, which they witnessed in due course, embolden their faith in the Supreme living essence of God and their unyielding service to the Lord. Peter was relevant because, he was mandated with the leadership of the flock/ministry of Christ, but was not the foundation neither was he the rock, which the Church was built on. Christ Jesus is the Rock of the Church (Colossians 1: 18, Ephesians 4: 4-6,1 Corinthians 12: 27-31). James was very relevant because, he was the one with the gift of wisdom to the Church (Ministry of Christ). Finally, John was the one, who had the insight into the nature and vision of God s love in Christ Jesus. These three qualities, which are leadership, wisdom (applicable skill) and the revelation or vision (love), were the foundation, which the Church after the ascension of Jesus Christ was and is sustained. Consequently, the link between the old prophecies, represented by Moses and Elijah, with the faith dispensation, represented by the three named Apostles, became the revelation of God in Christ Jesus to all generations forever. The depth and value of the transfiguration of Christ Jesus aside from confirming His death became relevant to the early Church after they received the Holy Spirit, which is still evident in the lives of Christians today and future generations, by the same living anointing of God.  Let us draw attention to what Jesus told His disciples as they were coming down from the mountain after the transfiguration, He said to them, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead. What a profound statement! Jesus knew the result of His assignment even before commencement. Like we have said before, the perfect chart of salvation and thereafter were wrapped up at this special spiritual convergence in God s divine majesty, witnessed by respected spiritual hosts and relevant physical characters with good spiritual attention. The good aspect to us as His vessels is that, God will always make His best plans through men, and revealed by the Holy Spirit through His chosen vessels. That vision which they all witness and kept to themselves became the message of the gospel to the world after the resurrection of Christ Jesus. God s hope (assurance) of glory became living and loving, who can be touch, seen, held and witnessed by those who would believe in the Anointed.


Let us fellowship with these Scriptures:

Romans 14: 17; For the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost (Spirit).

1 Corinthians 4: 20; For the Kingdom of God is not in words, but in power.

1 Corinthians 12: 3; that no man can say Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost (Spirit).

Isaiah 9: 6-7; For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government (reign) and peace there shall be no end.


Quick summary:

1. Jesus is the Christ meaning the Messiah or Savior of mankind from the spirit of sin and death to life.

2.  He was born of a virgin mother without sin, died for sinful world on the Cross of Calvary, and rose bodily in victory by the power of the Holy Spirit. He is now seated as King of glory in heaven forever.

3.  Faith in Him is the birth of Christian life (New creation in Christ Jesus).  

4.  Christianity is the established relationship with God the Father in the name of Christ Jesus expressed by the power of the Holy Spirit on faithful earthly vessels (Believers)

5.   Christianity is not religion, but is the expression of eternal life of God to all faithful in Christ Jesus. It is a living relationship with the true Almighty God by Christ Jesus.

6.  All activities in Christian life are expressed by the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Christ Jesus, with final praise to God the Father.

7. Let us live the gospel of Christ Jesus with thankfulness.

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