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                                                                          The principle of forgiveness

Forgiveness is a moral and divine law that emphasizes the return, repay or simply to turn any wrong committed to a person with the right attention and attitude expressed in peace, love, and truth.

It is more divine because, true forgiveness is spiritual gratitude of expressing the position of God concerning any particular challenging situation in peace and harmony. This means, healing from inside to the outside and to transmit that position with sincerity to the offender. 

It is to let go the wrong done and return with commitment for good. It is when the hurt chooses to take the path of love instead of hate, of healing instead of sorrow or regrets and finally, of strength instead of weakness. Nobody can truly express forgiveness without been spiritually motivated.

The first person that benefits from forgiveness is the offended. When you forgive, you are destroying the power of fear, defeat, and pain out from your heart and body and at the same time infusing the power of love, happiness, and peace into your human system. Not only is the person strengthened, he or she is also position to receive the best solution to the given situation. Now, for the offender to gain from the forgiving atmosphere, he or she must first forgive (repent) him or herself to connect with the good spirit of freedom from the forgiving heart (The offended).

The main reason for forgiveness is to save and help the offender by providing inner strength to resist and fight back the evil spirit that manipulated and used him or her into committing the wrong act. Therefore, whenever we forgive, we are using our gift of power and peace to save another soul from the clutches of evil into the good realm of God with His compassion and comfort.

All criminal activities and intentions are from the spirit of error, which captures the mind and forces people to commit such horrendous acts. The main purpose of its deception is to destroy the fruitful lives of it culprits (Human)

Therefore, forgiveness is good in both ways because, it helps to restore both parties to their right places of love and godly purpose.

We should understand that sin and sinful nature are two different things, but operates in one. Sinful act is doing something wrong, but the sinful nature (Sin/evil) is the criminal unseen, the spiritual wickedness (spirit of error), which arranges and directs people to commit destructive actions.

In most cases, society deals with the sinner (the person) and allows the sinful nature (evil spirit) to live, expound its influence and go unpunished.  This is very wrong and we must all try to tackle problem from the inside to the outside. That means, confronting issues from source and not on the surface.

The only way to punish the spirit of error is to save its culprits from its wicked hold.

Whenever, civilized society organizes the taking of any human life for whatever crime committed, then society has finally satisfied the plot of evil and not of good. This is because, life is sacred and to use death penalty as punishment is not a good character of strength and purpose, but poor judgment based on pride and lack of thorough responsibility to our common respect to preserve life.

Civilized society must not reduce our sense of obligation to sacred life based on sensation and the lower standard of evil, but should strive to attain firm standard of decency and transparent wisdom, without losing grounds against all criminal tendencies. Death penalty is not strength, but the expression of weakness. It is evil, defeatist tendency, and human irreconcilable trust on narrow objective camouflage as due correction or punishment.

Logically, it would look right to the eyes of most people, but spiritually it is wrong for civil society to deliberately organize the taking of human life no matter the circumstance. It is within reach to severely punish criminals without taking their lives and still maintain tough corrective positions against crimes.

Serious and genuine attention to dealing with sinful acts requires us to be responsible to our spiritual commitment to the Truth.


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