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     What is fellowship?

Fellowship simply means unity, harmony, friendship or relationship that is base on truth.

In other words, it means the meeting or agreement of spirit, soul and body in unity in love. Whenever, believers in Christ (Christians) are together to worship or praise God the Father in the name of Christ Jesus; they are in fellowship, unity, harmony with the Spirit of God, who is Love.

However, in situation where people secretly gather together to harm others, this is not fellowship but conspiracy of the wicked. This is because, their intention is not with the Spirit of God and neither in love, nor in unity with truth.

Fellowship necessarily has an underline message of peace and goodness to its participants. As Christians, we are required to share light, love or compassion of God and other virtues to our families, friends and environment.

Fellowship is more than an act of meeting; rather it is the spiritual consumption of our relationship with God the Father only in Christ Jesus. Fellowship creates and promotes happiness, goodness, peace and other spiritual activities leading the human center into the spring of wellness or fulfillment. True fellowship is the evidence, expression, and life of the infinite consciousness of righteousness in and through human hearts/ bodies by the Spirit of Holiness, who is from the only true God. Fellowship in the Spirit of Christ is the presence of love, truth, and power that breaks down every barrier and set people free to enjoy excellence and the immeasurable pleasures of the Divine.

Fellowship cannot be acquired with money neither by human efforts. Rather, we submit and lean on the Spirit of Christ to fully understand and walk in His goodness for our benefits.

The other kind that is very important, is the fellowship individually (One on one) with the living God through prayers or other forms of worship. As fact, for our relationships with people to be effective and fulfilling, the fellowship with God the Father must come first. This fellowship is on the Spirit of Christ with real commitment from the heart. This fellowship is not about us, but is all about His commandments (Righteousness) becoming living expressions, admiration and honor to the living majesty of God; the throne of Glory. This fellowship is about seeing His vision in our consciousness and sharing this testimony into His holy presence with love and happiness from our heart. This fellowship is all about allowing His Spirit to express the resurrection life of Chris Jesus through us as we celebrate the everlastring victory and authority on the throne of Grace.

Once, we have this fellowship with God in Spirit and truth, then our gathering with others becomes fruitful and enjoyable.

Therefore, fellowship starts and ends with God the Father in the name of Christ Jesus and by His Spirit; thereafter, we would be led to express His benefits to others in love and humility.


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