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Fast & pray

Bless you!

Thanks for taking the right step to joining this progress.

We call it progress because, it move us forward spiritually, mentally and physical. It will greatly help anyone that gets involve; Christians and non-Christians alike in breaking those barriers and stay spiritually and physically strong.

Get this into your heart. You will never regret this exercise in your whole life. The enormous blessings are unimaginable!

Therefore, we would gladly introduce two kinds of fasting and prayer to you. There are others, but our focus is on these two below.

1. Dry fast: This means no water, food or any substance would enter into your mouth for certain number of hours, ranging from 24 to 48 hours with the minimum of 3-7 hours prayer session during the fasting period. No food or water for 2 days with 3-7 hours prayers.

2. Day fast: This fasting exercise is when you do not eat or drink anything within 12 hours in a day for 3 days. Example, you could start this fast from 6am to 6pm for 3 days with the minimum prayer session of 2-4 hours within the 3 fasting days. No food or water for 12hours daily for 3 days with prayers.

Importantly, the foundation for your fasting and prayer should be on Isaiah 58: 6, which says; "to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free and that ye break every yoke."

Advice: During your period of commitment to the ministering of the Spirit of Christ (Fast), it is spiritually relevant not to tell anyone with your mouth. Not even to very close relatives, such as your wife/husband, children, and others. Whenever they observe and ask you why you are not eating or drinking water, just say you are on a project. This is because; it is a personal commitment, loyalty, or dedication between you and God. A spiritual issue that is higher than any human commitment. Hence, this would give you the best results, including to your family members as the case maybe. Also, learn to keep your appearance happy and radiant, because it is privilege in connecting with the living glory of the true God.

You can keep any of the fast schedules weekly or once every month depending on your zeal for spiritual, physical, and material growth and goals in life. 

** If you are not a Christian, you can use this format to stay healthy and mentally strong.

Write to us of any question or development you have gained from this exercise. modu@christfellows.org

Let us together build a family of love, truth, and healthy perspective to living.

The good arm of the Lord is out to you with His comfort. Embrace Him and live happiness.

Jesus is the Christ.

He is the Lord.

He is alive!


Message; "Test who you really are; meditate on the word of God in your heart"

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