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What is eternal life


The literary definition of eternal simply means endless, timeless, and everlasting. Now, when we add life to eternal, we have the power of living without end. In higher understanding, eternal life is the life that is limitless in value, ever fruitful in goodness, boundless in justice, and perfect in love. The main issue of the phrase eternal life is not on the eternal but is more on life, which is eternal. What this means is that life is the principal issue, while eternal is the ramification of vastness fused into excellence in life.

Hence, if we understand what constitute life and its source, then it becomes easier to see clearly the meaning to the expression of eternal life. Therefore, life is the pure, compound consciousness that can relate, control, and direct attention or action to a given direction based on standard reason or the attempt to create something.  What this simply means is that life is the substance or presence that is continuous and vibrantly connected with the environment. That is, for anyone to know that they have life, they must have the substance from consciousness that connects their senses to the environment and with the ability to direct resources or not to the purpose of expounding the talent in self.

This substance of consciousness is Spirit, who is perfect and flows into human bodies by the arrangement of the soul receptive mode. Let us break this down for better understanding. A human body houses the consciousness, which is the core element that stimulates living presence to the body. When this consciousness actively engages with the personís sensory elements, then that person is living. For example, when we take this to the basis, the fetus in a pregnant womanís womb is a living personality with active consciousness right from fertility of the male sperm with the womanís ovary.  However, the fetus goes through transformation with the connection to the mother by the umbilical cord for growth and nutrishment.  The consciousness or living component in that unborn child we cannot physically see, but through tests, Doctors would tell us the baby is doing fine. This means, the body is the carrier of life that is inside, which is the unseen component that turns oxygen and other chemicals into blood in our bones then through to the body.

On the other hand, the person that is disengaged from his senses by totally losing the capacity of consciousness, the person is dead.  This means, the difference between the living and the dead is the active substance of consciousness. This substance of consciousness is always pure and living, until contaminated by dirt. Nobody can add or subtract from life, because the component of creation in the substance of consciousness is from a source that is above human realm, which is the aggregate perfect consciousness.

The consciousness we are addressing here is not realization or awareness as the literary world portrays it, but is the unsearchable resources of creation, only distilled by the power of real, though unseen presence of perfection. This unseen presence of perfection is the aggregate presence of consciousness, who is a Sovereign personality. This Supreme personality brought existence into reality by the ability of limitless command. That is, consciousness is the component of the absolute, who determines all factors of the seen reality, such as the carriers of the active consciousness in human beings or bodies. Therefore, when godly people refer to consciousness, they are talking about the Spirit that projects life. The world understanding of consciousness is limited to art of the intellect, while the spiritual understanding expounds more into the reality of perfection to life. As we would agree, the intellect would not function without the active substance of consciousness in the human body. 

Now let us address the issue of eternity as it relates to life in total harmony. Eternity is like the air around us, it is colorless, yet without beginning and end. Therefore, eternal is limitless, unending, timeless, ageless, forever, constant, everlasting, perpetual and so forth.

This next question to ask ourselves is; how could life be unending? This is because, we all know that somebody is here today and years later, he or she has passed away. Therefore, how could the Holy Bible by the gospel of Christ Jesus declares that there is an unending life, referred to eternal life?

The question itself already provides the answer. That is, when we follow the explanation of life as above with the open heart of higher understanding. As fact, if we really connect deeply into the supernatural, we would realize that eternity is from life and not the other way round. This means, life breeds eternity by the same token of control and character. Life is the compound and eternity is the product. Life is the foremost and eternity is the outgrowth or offshoot. Life is independent and ever fulfilling, when is directly connected to the truth. Eternity becomes relevant to life, because of the qualification of good preference streaming out the truth in life.  Without life, eternity is empty. Without eternity, life makes one.

Therefore, God is the consummate life. This is whom this writer was alluding to above, as the aggregate active consciousness.  How did we get to that point?

Well, this is how. Existence, which means all things living, non-living, and our cosmos, came from somewhere - a valid source, the presence of perfection that is unseen but living, with sovereign power and right. We know that science, philosophy with other humanistic instincts would down play such notion, because they are of the opinion that their viewpoints are drawn from empirical evidence, different from that of people of faith, who rely on spiritual revelations from the higher level of the Spirit. Therefore, we have two opposing views to human existence or creation. One is fundamentally on the unseen sovereign power that exists, which is very real and controls the affair of the physical world. The other, is the human intellect expanded through scientific explorations that tend to observe things from evidence, experiments or researches from theoretical thesis. These intellects largely consider theirs experimental evidences as faultless, which is very wrong.  This is because, every tool and experiment made by human, no matter how foolproof it might seem, are subject to mistakes and improvements.

 Let us strike directly at the authority of their argument, which is the promotion of human intelligence as the beginning and end to human progression. The mistake from this argument is that the human intellect is very limited to the immeasurable consciousness that makes us living. The human intellect only exist and can perform, because the consciousness feeds the motivation and directs the attention of the intellect subconsciously to the direction of improvement and accumulations of evidence for science. Hence, when scientists and researchers through acquired knowledge walk in the direction to these motions or stimulations from the consciousness in gathering resources and information for their projects, the results becomes human or scientific discoveries.

In like manner, this same consciousness will stimulate the integrity in some hearts to hear and respond to the messages from the Spirit. When, we develop this relationship based on truth and love, we find ourselves in the ambiance of the Supreme authority, known as God, who is Spirit. This is the clear distinction between the spiritually incline and the proponents of science.  

These distinctive stimulations from the same source but to different human comportment and directions, also helps us to understand that both sides should see the great benefits from each angle with respect and candor. Science is a product from the divine, but refuses to acknowledge and give appreciation to this living Benefactor. Rather, they mostly want to accredit the success to human efforts alone, in so doing, negating the relevance of their source and higher facilities. The tools of human all developments are resources from nature, which comes from the aggregate Consciousness that is living. Therefore, the noble responsibility is for science to understand that downplaying the spiritual perspective of creation, will only narrow the capacity of their appreciation to the reality of the primary issue in the human soul, which is the actualization from purity, excellence, and power.  On the other hand, the spiritually inclined, should respect and give science it due accord, because of its valid contributions to human wellbeing.

Hence, in moving forward with the big picture at hand, it is wisely in place to state that eternal life is not a fallacy, but the reality of divine promise to those, who would serve the good purpose of the Supreme Being. This qualification of life flows from the Supreme divine, and by cultivating this relationship with appreciation and fellowship with the Spirit of the divine, this would transform the entire personality to the valuable appropriation to the unseen but endless existence. That is, life is no longer subject to an end, when the connection to the Supreme God is sustained progressively within our hearts. This is the transformation into the spiritual kind of higher purpose and activities in the presence of perfect peace, love, truth, and final authority.  This is the transformation of the humankind into the divine kind of life by the Spirit of the God that now breaths in us in Christ Jesus. That is, the power from God in Christ Jesus has destroyed the polluted consciousness in us, and lovingly replaced it with the clean, holy, and endless life in those who would believe that Jesus is their Lord.

Jesus Christ by His ascension in physical form, though with the glorious power of God in His body, showed to humankind, the truth, and power of the supreme existence of the divine God, and the reality of attaining this great promise (Eternal Life). Thus, He gave humanity the real hope that surpasses all human intelligence or studies through His perfect life and works, only received by the commitment of the willing hearts to the Spirit of the Divine. That is, the beauty and authority of the only true living God is the reality of existence with infinite love that transforms life in the physical into the glorious, happy, and ever fulfilling purpose and reign with the divine God in the spiritual realm. This reality is the benefit of connecting with the endless authority through the Spirit of obedience and love, embedded in the person of Christ Jesus.

Therefore, eternal life is neither the imagination of spiritual fantasy nor the dogmatic assertion of ecclesiastic daydreaming. Rather, eternal life is the reality of the ultimate presence of love, truth, and power that is aggregate in the personality of the true Divine. This Supreme personality has given to humanity the benevolence of His fullness with the simple message encompassed in the good news, called Salvation. This salvation brought to humanity by Christ Jesus is the liberty to enjoying the same life of the only true divine God by human persons here on earth, with the endless manifestation after the physical form, into the celestial realm with the full glow and in the presence of God the Father.  This is the reality of life bonded in perfect Love, who is endless.

Jesus is alive. Amen