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                                         Dress for excellence

I met some youngsters some time ago; I asked them, what is the reason of hanging their pants (Trousers) on their thighs revealing their underwear, and not belted on the waistline. That is, with their pants hanging loose on the thighs makes them to walk awkwardly. While some others allowing their pants to rub carelessly on the floor. They had no answer, but suggested it is fashion.

I exclaimed to them, fashion in did!

However, I had to tell them the source of this so called" fashion." That it came from those behind bars (Jail), because in prison, they do not use belts there. The reason is that belt is minimal weapon according to the standard in prisons. Hence, the pants of some always fall below their waistline hanging on their thighs. That is, whenever some of these ex-convicts are out from jail, they tend to show this dress pattern through their music videos or every day mannerism, to mean toughness. "That it is a thug thing." 

For real! The youngsters exclaimed, because they were surprised and I observed a mental drift of resentment in their eyes. This observable shift shows that some people get into tendencies without bothering to check on its meaning or source. They just go with the flow.

Secondly, to dress as "thug" even with money, shows your mental state is curl from excellence and decent approach to issues. It tells your level of awareness is unrefined.

The message we are portraying here is not to call pattern of some with distasteful names, but simply to confirm that there is always the right and wrong way of doing things. In which the larger society must learn to differentiate and encourage us to embrace the good side of things, instead of picking all waywardness into our ways of living.

Just as in some places, dysfunctional attitudes and smudge appearances are said to be in vogue. This again is sheer laziness of the mind and attempt by some in fame and fortune in trying to turn their unruliness as the norm because of their access to TV and other forms of societal exposures

Therefore, it is worthy to state that dressing is for comfort, to exhibit excellence, composure, success, good fashion, or style, peace of mind, in good control and other enviable qualities. For some to allow their pants or whatever dress they put on to expose their under wear, and or allowing it to rub on the floor is somewhat disrespectful to decent human value. This is because; allowing your pant to reveal your underwear is rude behavior, and to allow it to rub on the floor could be dangerous to your health. You never know what is on the floor or who has spat or spilled something contaminating on it.

That is, as your dress makes contact with these diseases on the ground, you unknowingly transfer them into your home or apartment. Worse is when you use your hands to undress, use the same hands unwashed to eat your food and touch other things in your home or apartment. By this means, the cycle of contamination is complete.

This is how some get different ailments into their lives by sheer ignorance to simple clean ways of living. The mistake some make is to call carelessness, dirtiness, and unawareness as freedom or fashion statement. That is very wrong.

To be dirty, rude and lack of respect to oneself is not freedom, but sheer ignorance. True freedom means respect and good responsibility within and outside. Therefore, good fashion speaks of neat, decent, well-mannered composure and outfits that reflects what true liberty really means. That is, the freedom that takes us into prosperous living with warmth, good balance, finesse, dignity and other generous offers that upgrade and not diminish the human personality.


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Message---Success starts within and keeps stock in cleanliness.


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