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                                           Is it right for Christians to say the disciples prayer?   "Our Father"

Hmm! Some dogmatic religious scholars would call this frivolous attempt, even insane.

Oh well, the substance of Salvation through Christ Jesus is spiritual and not religious. Neither was it by human calculations. Therefore, in true Scriptural understanding or from spiritual revelation in Christ Jesus, it is not right for Christians to be saying the disciples prayer anymore. Such as; "our father, who art in heaven, hallow be thy name and so forth"

What? Again, some good Biblical scholars with years of researches and other theological experiences would scream right away and call this proposition sacrilege, heresy, unscriptural and possibly doctrinal error.

No! No!! No!!! My brothers and sisters in Christ! This is because; if we could patiently understand Christ Jesus from the Holy Spirit and not through our feelings.

It is not disparaging the Holy message of our Lord neither is anyone professing anything outside the content of Christ Jesus, but right within as amplified by the Holy Spirit. If we allow the spiritual revelation of Christ Jesus to lead us by His Spirit and not our minds or tradition, we would clearly understand Christ Jesus and the purpose He chose and gave that prayer format to His disciples then.

The reason is that as at when the disciples were instructed by Christ Jesus to use that format to pray to the heavenly Father, they were not Christians.

Yes, they were His good followers, but had not received citizenship to the throne of Grace. They had not received the seal of relationship with the Father from the Holy Spirit that gives all access to the heavenly treasures and privilege. Christianity began after Salvation was complete, Christ was glorified, and the Holy Spirit released on the day of Pentecost on His disciples and to all thereafter, who would believe in His name.

His disciples (followers) were then saved and became part of the Kingdom of God after they received the Holy Spirit. Christianity began after the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus bodily. Specifically, Christianity began on the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of the resurrected Christ baptized them.

Therefore, when we as Christians use that prayer, it limits the best of God in ones lives. Now, let us break the prayer down for our understanding according to the illumination of the Holy Spirit. In the disciples prayer, we find where it said "give us this day our daily bread" We cannot ask for daily bread like manna as the children of Israel did during their journey from Egypt through the wilderness to the promise land. This is because, we already have more than daily bread, which is the bread of Life (Christ) given once and forever to humanity. We are already in the promise land in Christ Jesus and all our needs are supplied according to the riches and glory in Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is now our bread of Life. That means, He died and rose once and forever for our Salvation, which is complete. If you are asking for daily bread of life, you are ignorantly saying Jesus should be crucified for you everyday (God forbid). He has done it once and is fulfilled forever.

The prayer says, "forgive us our trespasses." God is not going to forgive us our sins again, because He already did once for the whole world by Christ Jesus with His sinless blood on the Cross of Calvary. Whoever confesses Christ Jesus as his or her Savior is saved, meaning delivered from sin and now a child of the Holy God. Why ask for what you already have? As Christians, we have passed from death to life and the new life of Christ Jesus in us is above the nature of sin of the devil.  However, if you sin, simply ask for forgiveness in the name of Christ Jesus and move on by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your steps. Christ Jesus is our Passover from sin and death to Life.

Another example from the prayer is "deliver us from evil." This is what Jesus accomplished for humanity when He died and rose from the dead for our deliverance or victory. Humanity is already delivered from evil or sin when we accept the redemptive work of Christ and His Lordship. Although, as Christians we still commit sinful acts, but the truth is that in the eyes of God, we are above sin, only when we walk in His Spirit and not to allow the flesh to dominate us.

Another phrase, "Thy will be done on earth as in heaven." Christ Jesus has perfected this through salvation and release to the Church on earth by the power of the Holy Spirit.                                                                                                         


 Message---"True freedom is only in Christ Jesus and not sensation."                    

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