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Developing your inner strength.  

Strength is reservoir of inner comfort used when situation demands. Such situations could be regular or tough that requires extra push. However, just as we engage in normal exercise to develop muscles, or fine-tune our bodies, the same is applicable to developing our strength. That means, by employing it or exercising it regularly in different situations, most encouragingly when they are to positive goals. The following silent points would help to develop our inner strength.

  1. Know your situation. This means, you should understand your challenges, its magnitude, its peculiarities and prevailing conditions. Adequate knowledge of your situation is the first test to your strong ability.

  2. Accept your situation and start making plans on how to solve it one step at a time. We are made to solve problems and not problems to solve us. This means, we are to dwell more on the solution and less on the problem itself. The victory starts with the ability to move on decisively without bitterness.

  3. Know yourself. This is very important, because by knowing yourself, you would be able to know what works well or right for you, and then use this strategy on your challenges. You can learn from others, but it should be suited to your identity for true success to be achieved. The realization of our true ability is the spark or proper channel to our greatness.

  4. Learn and develop within yourself to think less of the past and more on now and the future. The power to visualize your future is the true exercise of strength and victory over your circumstance. As you carry the picture of your future into your consciousness everyday and everywhere, that picture would gradually take physical shape. The fundamental of life is the positive vision we scope on our paths. This is the basic difference between achievers from others.

  5. Listen to people and learn to take positive lessons that best suit your identity and good purpose in life. Avoid negative suggestions and situations. Think big, decent and act positive. True strength is a product and very accommodative.

  6. Learn to love yourself and others no matter the circumstance. Note; to love yourself and self centered are two different things. One is positive and the other negative. When you truly love yourself, you would always be happy and this would translate in sharing your happy mood with others and in turn, they would appreciate your presence and may give good suggestion that could help your situation. The atmosphere of true love and peace would always produce good things around us. Strength relies on virtues and relates with sincere passion.

  7. It is very important; you develop kind heart to help others especially when is done unnoticed or without expecting pay back. There is an extraordinary lift inside from this exercise, which only you can experience and doors of opportunities would be open to you in different ways. True strength would necessarily expose character and kindness.

  8. Be active in something positive. Always use your time effectively to enhance your personality and purpose. This means, developing your gift would eventually open doors of prosperity to you. That means, direct your energy to build up and not tire down. True strength pursues developments and broadens unity or liberty.

  9. Never give up on yourself. Never allow anything to steal your inner joy, which is your birthright to stay well and healthy. Very firmly, fear not. This is very important, that is, if you are a Christian; you must pray regularly in the Spirit.

  10. Stay truthful to yourself and others around. This means, develop the mind of an innocent 4-6 years old child, but act with the courage of a lion.


Message: "Direct your cause to Jesus and He would direct your course to greatness"



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