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                                                                 Christians do not die!



Common man, this is madness in confidence some would quip!

Some would cough out loud, laugh from one end of their apartment to the other; possibly scream to the rooftop on this topic and simply conclude that the person, who is writing this, is out of his mind.

That is quite the opposite dear reader.

It is, if we take the liberty within our heart to comprehend the issue from the spiritual.

Categorically, Christians do not or will never die is very correct and found on objective truth. The issue is on true spiritual insight and not mental deductions.

First, what is life? According to the Holy Scripture, Christ Jesus is the Word of Life, who is Eternal. This means, the perfect and endless life that is above sin and death.

What then is death? This is the disconnection from Eternal life.

Anyone that has not the life of Christ Jesus in him or herself is dead spiritually, but still lives in the physical body as human person. Life is only from God and this Eternal life to humanity is in the Anointed One; who is Christ Jesus.

Anyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ/Anointed/Messiah is born of God and has pass from death to life. God the Father in the name of Christ Jesus has no component of death in Him. Therefore, His children who are spiritual beings in Christ Jesus do not have death in them, only eternal life.

Death is the principal component of the adversary of God and His righteousness. This is what evil gives to its agents and followers. God gives love, holiness, and life to His children forever in Christ Jesus.

The issue becomes clearer as we understand that the new life in all Christians is the resurrected life of Christ, which is above death and, they would never be subject to the principle of death again. That is the real meaning of Salvation to humanity. That means, Christ Jesus came to save the human spirit from death into life, which is true liberty and peace.

Please, do not confuse the physical body as life. No! The physical body is not life, but the carrier of life, which is the Spirit. The body is the structure created by God to house the Spirit of the Creator. This eternal life is the true life in all Christians, and it is now for us use the body that house the Spirit of God to express His righteousness to humanity.

Others who disagreed with this good condition of God, have sold themselves in slavery to the adversary, and now house the component that is not of God, which is sin and death.

Therefore, they spread all sorts of sinful activities, which lead to the path against their goodness and true liberty.

Jesus Christ said it lots of times that anyone who believes in Him would ever die.

Some good Biblical scholars and cynics would ask then, what about death of persons we observe every day.

Truly, when a Christian gives up his or her body, which the world system calls death; the life of God inside that body is continuous, but may not have physical presence here on earth. The Christian did not die, but has only transformed to the heavenly realm and now has heavenly roles to play based on the effective use of the gifts or assignments that were given to him or her here on earth. The Christian's body is dissolve not to death, but into life of the heavenly, which is everlasting on the throne of Glory with the Creator.

Categorically, life is not the body, but the Spirit inside the human body that is life. The only giver of this Spirit that is life is God the Father in Christ Jesus.


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