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                                 Does the sinful act of Christians make them sinners?

Before taking on the question, it is appropriate to highlight one very important spiritual fact that would help us to understand better the subject matter.

The issue in question is that there is a mark difference between sin and the sinner.

Sin is the spirit of error, which is the source of all evil tendencies and actions. This spirit is an unseen nature or form that inflicts the human souls with wrong and deceitful messages. Therefore, anyone that allows this spirit to control, reign, rule his or her life becomes a sinner, because the person now becomes the carrier of the spirit or nature of sin. With all emphasis, sin is an unseen nature, in spirit form with devilish tendencies that always manipulates and forces its objects (carriers/persons) to commit sinful or wicked activities on others. The main job of sin is to deceive, demean, and destroy both its agents and the innocents. The nature of sin cannot create anything good, but only to fake, deceive and destroy everything that is good to humanity that are from God. The spirit of sin is a nature, meaning it has the characteristics of human personality that can talk, walk, eat, see and so forth. However, its nature is born, breeds in evil and is the source of lies, killing or murder, fornication, hate, swearing, back slinging/stabbing, pride, envy, malice, unruly behaviors, and a host of other treacherous tendencies. These and other wicked acts are all in spirit forms and then played out by men and women, who accepts the reign of this evil or devilish personality to be the master of their lives.

Here is the classic example;

The devil = O wants to harm a good man (A). The devil will then enter in spirit form into a person (X), filling the mind of X with lies and evil information of A. The person X will then develop hate towards A and eventually X would carry out the evil plot through the force from O to commit the harmful act on A.

Sin, which is spirit is O, the sinner is X and the innocent victim is A. Now in most cases, we deal or punish the sinner (X) and leave sin (O) unattended. Hence, the devil (spirit) increases its influence on others. This is because, we wrongly assume that with the punishment on the sinner (X), the sinful acts would stop or reduce. No, it would rather increase, because the real cause is left unattended (The spirit of sin = O).

This is actually the point, where the love of God to humanity by Christ Jesus the Messiah, King of kings became relevant yesterday, today and forever. This is the point where the perfect love to humanity by Christ Jesus sets anyone free, who would embrace His Lordship. This is the point of believing that Jesus is the Christ, which in return will send His Spirit into our life to counter, destroys, replace, and remove the spirit of sin from our soul. As fact, no power or force can ever remove sin (spirit) from the human soul except by Christ Jesus. This is only possible by the gift of salvation through Christ Jesus, who then gives us His supreme Spirit of God the Father into our heart to live victoriously over the adversary.

That is, He came to earth in physical form or body, though fully of the Spirit of God to destroy sin and save the sinner. The love of God to humankind is a living presence that takes us away from death into eternal life in His Spirit. God the Father in Christ Jesus is totally against sin, who is spirit and not the sinner; because He knows, the sinner cannot help him or herself, until the person embraces the Spirit of Christ to fight against the spirit of sin. This is the reason; the Holy Bible tells us that we battle not against flesh and blood (Physical/sinner), but against principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness of the world and spiritual wickedness in high places (spirit of sin).

This means, Jesus who was in the form of God (Spirit), took the form of man (Physical/sinner) that through death in the flesh for the sins of the sinners; He would conquer death by the power of the Spirit of God in Him that is and was never subject to death. This is the meaning of His resurrection bodily from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit to help or standing in for by freeing the sinner from the spirit of sin by giving us His Spirit that conquered sin and death.

By this, God who is Spirit established forever not to Himself, but on behalf of humankind the perfect example of good over evil, righteousness over sin, love over hate, and eternal life over death, when Jesus resurrected bodily from the dead. Hence, the resurrection of Christ Jesus bodily from the dead is the glorious reign of truth, light, and peace shared with humanity by God as the nourishment, upkeep, and happiness of existence forever.  When Jesus rose bodily from the dead by the fullness of the Holy Spirit, the meaning was that man automatically received the divine level of God, but this becomes relevant to the human soul at the very instance of our sincere obedience to the only true Love, who is God in Christ Jesus.

Now, with this foundational context settles in our hearts, we can then proceed with a clearer understanding of this topic in question, which is, does any sinful act of Christians makes them sinners.

Categorically the answer is no. Let us state the spiritual facts here.  Sometimes, Christians find themselves in sinful acts, but that does not qualify them as sinners, because they have already given their lives to Christ. A sinner is one that refuses to accept Christ Jesus as their Lord and allows his or her soul to be the carrier of the spirit of sin. Once you give your life to Christ Jesus by submission to His Lordship, the person receives salvation and the Holy Spirit dwells in the heart as seal, which confirms that the individual is now a child of God. This means, the individual has passed from sin and death to life and no longer a sinner, but now born again by the true Spirit of God. Once, you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you become the child of God. Even, when you commit sinful act, you do not lose your relationship with the divine God, because you already have the nature of His righteousness in you.

How does the nature of God dwell in us? This is by His Holy Spirit that now establishes His presence in our soul. Without the Holy Spirit in any person, that individual has no part in the realm of the true and only living God. 

Meaning, the residence of Holy Spirit in anyone is what makes an individual a child of God. No sinner can qualify as a child of God, because the nature of sin is of the adversary, who is the enemy of humanity, and of all righteousness or right living (Good). Therefore, anyone that accepts Jesus as Lord has the nature of God that produces love, truth, peace, health, happiness, health, wealth, good family, honest friends, and other godly values that builds the human life up.

Notwithstanding, as stated above, there are circumstances where believers commit sinful acts, because they did not follow the instruction of the Holy Spirit, but that of the flesh. When such happens, it shows the attention of the believer to the things of the Spirit of God is still weak. However, when such mistake happens, we should immediately confess it out with our mouth and ask for forgiveness from God the Father in the name of Christ Jesus. Not only that, but we must change our ways and learn to walk according to the righteousness of God.

Whenever, anyone errs and truly ask for forgiveness, God sees our heart and respond faithfully when the request is truthful. In essence, you do not have to confess to any man or priest but to God the Father in faith in the name of Christ Jesus. However, if one chooses to tell a priest or somebody as a witness, there is no harm with that too.

Hence, any sinful act by a Christian is a spiritual letdown or mistake, but not the cancellation of his or her citizenship from the kingdom of God. Sin is a nature and the source of this nature is spirit, who is the adversary of God and creation. If you do not have Christ as your Lord and Savior, that means, you are outside the domain of righteousness, meaning the nature of sin dwells in the person. What this means is that you have to submit to God in Christ Jesus, and receive the gift of salvation, which makes you to having the nature of Christ in you, or live under the rule of the adversary with the nature of the devil. That is, you either accept and live in sin or give your life to Christ and have the nature and vision of God. There is no middle ground or compromise. God never compromises with His values, because He always wishes us the best and knows that with our self-discipline and dedication to His righteousness in our standard of living, His values would reward us greatly and not tire us down.

He knows that our good work is not the qualification to having Christ live in you. You either believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and have His Spirit in your heart or live as an unbeliever or carrier and dispenser of sin and death. To live above sinful acts, we must exercise our faith in the Spirit of Christ Jesus. That means, walk in the Spirit of Christ.

In summary, any believer that commits sinful act is not a sinner, but becomes a sinner when he or she deliberately renounces Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior (God forbid!). Therefore, those that love themselves and future generation must always follow Christ as their Lord.            


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