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                                       Atheists are spiritually naive. 

An atheist is someone who does not believe in the existence of God or the supernatural power as the case maybe. That is, atheists do not see things from any spiritual perspective, because they believe things happen as they are suppose to and that human activities, occurrence or existence has no bearing, influence or attribute whatsoever from any unseen spiritual power.  

Therefore, atheism could be qualified as the belief in man as his own god and that the worship or service to an unseen supernatural power is a waste of time, a delusion and the misrepresentation of human focus to worthless point.  In other words, atheists believe in spiritual void, that there is no such thing as God anywhere.

In another light, atheism is the exercise by some individuals who mainly agree that all human interactions, actions, and interpretations are on human theories and institutionalized rationale. This means, they mostly base their understanding on theoretical, scientific, and philosophical conclusions totally devoid of any spiritual input. In further expression, they see life as the distinctive and vested interest only to the human personality and as such, existence is by either scientific provision or the convenient extension of human valuables, such as the brilliance in scientific discoveries.

Atheists see researches and postulations rolling out from academic classrooms and research centers as the beginning and end to humanity’s life entailing progression. They have constructed their minds solely on mental precincts by entertaining issues that embraces their convenience, which we understand, but totally disconnected from illuminations of the supernatural that would demand their commitment to internal self-discipline and transparent self-worth. Hence, most of them are self-enclosed theorists, molded from scholarly analytic chemicals, enmeshed in socio-philosophical conclusions, with the observable human flair that relate to issues only through their tapered positions.  

Their disagreement with the authority of the spiritual realm comes from the argument that the human mind/brain is the power that starts and ends all things that relates to man. This means, the power in man becomes active when the human mind/brain is channel to a direction or specific goal and that the resources available to that goal are utilized to its maximum proficiency. This viewpoint is widely held by scholars of science, philosophy, liberal arts, and other followers, who see things from the perspective of human utility in direct corollary with humanity’s evolving path.

Kudos to this viewpoint as some of them have through their profound contributions has helped to shape to positive light the course of humanity. Nobody should deny them this credit, as they rightfully deserve the acclaim.

In precise context, the goal of this text is with all fairness, is to respect their position, and at the same time, with due diligence share insight to a very important aspect in existence sustain in truth, which they have wrongly misread within their thought process. Through this, respectful means help to reintroduce, encourage, and stimulate the attention of atheists to this vital issue in life, which is the power and existence of the living God.

One great concern in the average human heart is the confusion as to what constitute the truth and from which source in getting this great promise. This has led many in their genuine pursuit for truth towards the wrong directions, because they mostly engage in this expedition with a given mindset that is not humble and self-filled with distrust.  Therefore, in the mist of their search into different spiritual outlets or possibly at the end, they mostly come out with the discouraging attitude that the supernatural experience in is indeed a waste of time.

Brothers and sisters of the atheist realm and others who are somewhat caught in the middle, this writer wants you to validly understand that the above assertion is not correct. For the reason that, anyone who is sincerely connected to the true living God in the Spirit, with emphasis in the Spirit and not by mental stimulation will never regret the companionship, and would definitely have an experience of comfort and superlative provisions among others, which are the very best to the complete human personality. This high esteem and divinely flavored experience is not a transferrable exercise, because is constructed in deep personal relationship. This means, our respective relationship with the divine God is one on one from the heart. You cannot sketch it in physical terms neither can you measure it by any arithmetic compass, because the quality of this unseen reality- relationship is as I said before, beyond mental measure. This is because; the relationship is the reachable, enjoyable, but deep consciousness in the human soul obtaining subsistence from the higher, limitless and flawless Consciousness.  

However, you can ascertain the products from this kind relationship with such permeating characteristics as love, peace, honesty, respect, gentleness, power, wellness, wealth, goodness, life purpose among others, which are identifiably from the true supernatural God to obedient human vessels. 

Another wrong assertion in the minds of some people and most likely those who disagree with the existence of God, whose vision to humanity always portend to the direction of orderliness and progress, is the unruly assumption that the worship or submission to another unseen power takes them away from themselves. That is, the submission to the true supernatural power reduces the human personality and capacity, because it then makes people to rely on another power instead of working out the full potential in them. This again, is bogus and an empty assumption, because the full potential in the human personality is from a source and that source is the best presence to knowing the tools and possibilities in acquiring the best to realizing our real personalities.

 For example, you could be the President of the United States of America, but in reality, that may not be your purpose in life. Somebody just shrugged within and asked…wow! How is that possible? Yes, that is very possible and true. The office could be the most powerful and highly decorated office in the world, but may just be a tool made available to that individual to materialize his given purpose. You could have billions of dollars, but some would wrongly assume that with that kind of money, they have achieved their purpose in life. That could be partly correct. However, that money could be a tool also, placed in your hands to fulfill your true destiny. Your true destiny is the relevance in your heart that is knotted with the relevance of humanity’s goodwill.

One fact that strikes empathy in the heart of this writer is that there are people whose hearts are full with mistrust and low self-esteem, which simply comes out from their misplaced sets of priorities. While others, value with great gratitude the unshakable, unbendable, and irreversible benefits that streams from their relationship with the true supernatural essence. This latter category of persons, who considers this relationship with the truth above all things, also takes it as sincere honor, because this is what constitutes the fiber of their being.  This is because, they are happy, content and at peace with the connection to their true destiny gushing out from this flawless presence.   

Therefore, based on the above exposition and in recognition of the credit awarded to atheists for their contributions,  it would also amount to suicidal letdown to humanity’s good conscience, if these credits to atheists were solely hinge on rational activities, sociological cum philosophical compilations, and academic vibrations. It would amount to dishonesty to the penchant in the average human heart that wants to advance towards the living truth, if the credits to them are only on human brilliance and limited dogmas. Finally, it would amount to abuse of humanity’s good struggles, dignity, and channel to the sweet victory of thoroughness in existence, if the purpose were to color the truth just to placate human ego.

Taking the permission to elaborate from a higher understanding, humanity is not mere statistics observed, tabulated and summarized solely on revolving mental standards, computerized analysis and institutionalized promises.  In very concise outlook, humanity is the totality of conscience, of tangible but unseen valuables such as human virtues and hospitability among others. Humanity is the verses of certainty or truth, the life from purity, the strength from true freedom, and the individual responsibility steaming from the limitless potentials in the human veins tapped to the open by the resources of obedience to the clean spot of consciousness in us and around us. Added to the above though not the least, humanity is that touch in our collective goodwill to sustain existence not by the culture of human scorn, rather on the revere nerve of broadness and genuineness of the heart to connect and articulate the true meaning or values of the human center coming from the infinite reservoir of goodness. Human instruments cannot measure these values as atheists tend to structure humanity solely on the slate of academic tables and formulated thesis.

Let us not get the issue wrong here. The writer is not in any way trying to relegate academic excellence, brilliance, and or exploration. Rather, we recognize, fully support, and applaud these remarkable productions coming out from academic discoveries. However, the point we are stressing here is that there is more to human brilliance and due acknowledgment should be accorded by these mindsets to the power above, instead of making themselves the mini gods for others to worship. Academic excellence must not distort the presence of truth base on human narratives and dogmatic formations.

Therefore, the sincere gratitude to this infinite reservoir of goodness is a determination endowed in true living promises.

Following their thought insistence, atheists have deliberately ignored, damaged, and suppressed the due consideration to the deep reality of the consciousness in the human person, which is way above the computation of all rational analytical processes. This deep negligence within atheists, if we are to stretch out the power of their argument, comes largely from theoretical vanity, leading to the lack of awareness to the higher realm. An ignorance of choice leading to the judgment of self, built on self, which is directed towards the illusion that all things been equal according to their theoretical estimation is the misleading pathway to practical flawed joke.

The alarming contempt of their proposition is that they do not view human brilliance as a gift for service, whose ultimate gratitude should be to the aggregate conscience of goodwill. Rather, they are consumed with the perception that brilliance in science, philosophy, government, liberal art and others been self- acquired, as the ultimate freedom and authorization to challenge the will of existence.

Their empirical belief system though has its strong point, yet lacks the real essence in the human center that is from the spiritual, which is the consciousness. The mistake or delusion of atheists is that they see the brain, which is the center of human mental capacity and the soul, which is the center of consciousness as the same. Here lies the gross to their unforgiving ignorance.

They further hold to the notion that spirituality is an escape by some from the realities of their situations. If they need to know here, that true spirituality is the power and guide to the real identity in the human center and not an escape. True spirituality clears up the superficial issues from our focus and brings out the reality into the human center.

In very deep understanding of the total human complex, the brain or mind and soul are not really the same when the direction is to unveil the full potentials in the human center. The soul is the deep seat inside the human composition that is fluid-like, cordless, active, and the awakening center that measures, accelerates, and relates purely with the invisible materials inside the human person. This center helps to navigate the visibility of purpose from the inside to the outside of the human person.  Finally, this limitless center maintains the sketch and broad attestation into a higher understanding tapped from the spiritual dimension arranged from truth. This absorbing, descriptive, and illuminating center is the soul. It is only with the soul that one can connect with the spiritual realm. It is from the soul that life (Consciousness) flows into the human body. The soul is pure until invaded with materials that are consistent with the thriving utilities of corruptions.

While the brain, or the mind so to speak is preoccupied with rational, emotional, scientific, and other acquired societal illustrations, the soul is mainly on spiritual consciousness that surpasses the physical. Without the soul, which is the base of spiritual consciousness, the body is lifeless and as we all know, a lifeless substance cannot rationalize. Therefore, the soul when fed with the right ingredients that comes from truth tends to energize and direct the human body or personality into true purpose, wellness, strength, decency, and other relevant demonstrations into the stream of humanity. Therefore, the exercise into this deep consciousness, which is through the soul, is core to human existence. It is at this very point that atheist and others who do not believe in God are really missing out. This is because, their perspective to existence and the human personality is narrowly pegged on subjective frame drawn by their imaginary minds. It is at this point that sharply reflects the spiritual hollowness or ignorance of atheists and others alike, because of their distance from the issue and relevance of the soul but wrongly substituting this with the rationality from the brain, which is the center of the nervous system; the most complex organ in the body.

The soul is not an issue for research, because it is beyond human research analysis and this is what really cracks scientists and those questioning the supernatural. The problem with their methodology is that, the real study into the soul, is by attention to higher revelation and submission from the heart to the infinite truth. The submission here is not in any way an attempt to reduce the human capacity to sound judgment and actions as they wrongly assume, but to strengthen the purpose and gratification in the human personality to the distinction of goodness, liberty, and respect.

Another blunder atheists fail to realize in their supposition is that human rationality gets its main support from the living consciousness: the soul and not the other way round. The soul feeds the mind with vision and higher articulation, which we mostly refer to as the act of meditation. It is from the soul that meditations gets its full meaning and grasp the stability of inner illumination. That is, the soul regulates the life span of vision in the human personality. Now, those who fail to recognize or cannot get the full relevance of the soul because they refuse to submit their ego to learning and leaning from this higher dimension, have coined an excuse for themselves backed up with speculative assumptions. Such as oh…how can I believe on what I cannot see, or what proof can anyone make that there is God aside from mere faith or believing. They forget that there are lots of things they have not seen, which they believe because somebody told them so.

However, if you ask these same people if they think, not if they have seen UFOs, they would resoundingly say they believe that there are unidentified human forms out there in the universe. They have not seen these human forms, but believe in what they have not seen exist. Their main reason for assuming this position is the science fiction movies they have watched. What an irony! Again, they would come up with their assumed excuse why they believe in UFOs but not in God. Do we see the line of absurdity there? In believing in UFOs exist, it takes or demands nothing of them, just mere curiosity and satisfying their fantasy, but in believing in God, there is the demand of submission and gratitude to obtaining real goodness and peace. In believing in God, there is the demand of internal discipline and adherence to decency.

No, most of them would take these demands as encroaching into their human liberties and as such, their intention as always is to acquire the supernatural with their ego. This is the cross of the whole argument between belief and non-belief in God. Submitting the human ego for humility and truth is the misery to human travesty. The debt in the human mind is comes from the conspiratorial tendencies against humanity itself, but only receives its cure or credit when that component that holds the human ego is submissive to the calming ambiance of purity, which is the full episode of the living God.

 The mistake most of us make is that we assume life to only the physical things that we see. For example, most people take the human life as just the body without realizing that the human body is just the case or covering of the real being, who is spirit. The spirit being inside regulates and connects to the physical world through our human bodies, which articulates activities of the body through the brain. However, these (body and brain) are wholly dependent on the living consciousness inside, who is the unseen but living personality in our bodies, called the soul. The human body can dissolve called death, but the soul is a living component connected to eternity through the good Spirit or extinction with the bad spirit. Therefore, the continuity of soul’s subsistence is determined from the primary source. 

In summary, anyone that refuses to accept God in the affairs of human existence is playing pretense as a conscious self-delusion. Such personalities are lost in the infectious indifference to the core display in human clean conscience and with the expansive connection to the higher realm of awareness and life. These personalities with all due respect are spiritually clueless in their misrepresented pursuit of understanding humanity base on imaginary emphasis of man’s manipulations against man.





Just a little joke on the side, most of these people believe in UFO’s and that there are other human forms somewhere in the universe even, when they have no evidence to that fact. However, they refuse to believe in the supernatural. What a paradox! Does this tell us anything? Yes…man is a self-center, narrow minded and short-sighted being until he submit to and receives direction from the supreme perfection, who is God.


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God bless you

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