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The significance of the ascension of Jesus Christ.

Before we delve into this important spiritual topic of highlighting the significance of the ascension of Christ Jesus to every human soul, it would be appropriate to establish two very important facts that would give us full grasp of the topic in both contextual and spiritual dimensions.

These two foundational points are one; explaining the person of Jesus Christ, and the second is the meaning of heaven.

Let us start with the first, which is explaining the person of Jesus Christ. This writer believes that most readers of this script already have a general or very good idea of who is Jesus Christ. However, for the purposes of spiritual progress and enlightened confirmation, we are going to explain this significant personality in His very highest revelation and relate His distinct vision to humanity before creation, His reviving love today in our technology age, and His sustainable order into eternity.

In very simple understanding, Jesus is the Christ means; Jesus is the Messiah or Savior (Christ) of humanity from the power of darkness (Death) to light (Life). Life is the component of God in the human soul/body and in all other creation (Existence). This component is the living consciousness that dwells in the human heart by the Spirit of God, who is Holy. Therefore, anyone that has the Spirit of God in his or her heart (Soul) has life. On the other hand, death means the disconnection of the human soul from the Spirit of God or divine presence of His love. Where there is no relationship between an individual with the Spirit of Truth or Love, who is God, that individual though exist in flesh, but is dead in the spiritual equation of God. That is, in the life of appropriate relevance, such disobedient person is outside the authority of true eminence and lacks the comfort of real love and peace. This is because; the person is not accountable to God, which means he or she is out of the presence of total wellness, happiness, and life. This person now carries the presence of death, hate, and other wicked vices in his or her body/heart, instead of being the reservoir of godly goodness by the Spirit.

Anyone that has relationship with the divine God has the same Spirit of life living in him or her. Hence, the person has life, which is the eternal life or resource of the divine true God. The reason being that when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit, who is the same as the Spirit of God comes into our hearts, as seal of our covenant relationship with God. The seal there means the Spirit of Christ, who again is the Holy Spirit, has circumcised our heart. This circumcision means we have made a declaration of faith in Christ Jesus and obedience to the witness of God to us that Jesus is His only begotten Son, who we should constantly look unto and follow His instructions, which are always for our own good. Hence, by accepting this great spiritual truth, God would put the mark of unity within us or seed of His righteousness and love in our heart as one of His own by His Spirit. The mark of unity (Circumcision) is not a visible physical cut, but is the spiritual lock of oneness in the heart with the Spirit of God. This is an agreement so to speak of the dispensation of faith in Christ Jesus as the giver of heavenly citizenship.

Jesus Christ completed this everlasting relationship with God the Father for the whole of humanity once and forever. There was never any before Him; neither would there be any Savior to the world (Human spirit) after Him.  This relationship is on His everlasting peace covenant, through death, by shedding His sinless blood as the price paid for the sins of the whole world. That means, He took our place for the punishment for our sins, which He never committed, and paid the full price to set us (Human spirit) free from the bondage of darkness.

His resurrection bodily from death to life, signifies the ultimate victory of His love for us to live freely over the power of hatred, of His goodness to us over evil manipulations in all circumstance, and of His trust in us as joint heirs to the blessings of God, by our faith in His Lordship. This spiritual relationship with God the Father in Christ Jesus is a divine privilege, and completely upheld into humble human soul by the Holy Spirit. This means, the Holy Spirit will always implant this benevolent and life-generating seed into obedient hearts to Christ Jesus as Lord.

Jesus is the human person and Christ is the office or assignment to His divine personality. This means, Jesus the man and Christ is the Anointing or the Spirit of empowerment on Him to fulfill the spiritual assignment from God the Father, which was to redeem, restore, and revitalize the human soul or spirit back to love, who is God. This human person (Jesus) is of the fullness of the Spirit from the throne in Heaven. That is, His origin is Spirit, His personality is Spirit and purpose (Christ or Messiah), is completely Spirit. Therefore, Jesus is the perfect unity of the Spirit of God here on earth by establishing the heavenly (Divine) reign, which is salvation to humankind. There is no substitute for salvation, because all knowledge or compliances to other mystical channels without Christ Jesus as your Lord are meaningless exercises at the very presence of the true divine God.

Now, to the second issue, which is heaven? Heaven simply means the spiritual presence of perfect goodness. In other word, heaven is the endless presence of Life, Power, and Love. This spiritual presence has a seat of authority by one supreme command, who is God. As we have in the physical realm, where there are different kinds of people, with different characters and purposes in life. So also, in the spiritual realms, there are different kinds of spirits with characters and different purposes. However, there is a binding authority that is above all spirits established on love or truth, which flows from the throne of Glory. This throne is what we refer to as Heaven, the seat of God the Father in Christ Jesus.

This throne is the presence of perfection, far greater in dimension to any physical location, and is not a fantasy of thoughts or an assumption of the unthinkable, but is the reality and source of all things that happens both in the spiritual and physical realm. Heaven is a spiritual presence of the very divine God with perfection of thoughts, actions and purpose, objectively streamline in holiness and love.  This divine presence is a location without walls, though bonded with the strongest parameters of command. That is, human thoughts or insight no matter the level of its great intellectual and scientific drive, cannot pin point this heavenly location, because humanity can only feel and realize the authority of this Supreme presence and the positive relationship with humanity by the unchanged command of Truth. Therefore, the parley to understand the reality of this supreme presence is thus based on the consummate utility of the human heart to observe with gratitude the relationship of the true Spirit as a necessity and not choice. 

The message here is simple. Heaven is a location beyond human comprehension in terms of pointing a particular spot of this ever-magnificent presence. This is because, from the throne of God (Heaven) is the stream of authority that has no frame on any human element or sequence, but is by the absolute reign of His nobility embedded in the living consciousness of continuity and unstoppable reach. That is, the authority of the heavenly realm of God is by His highest standard of openness and compassion only related by the heart of fellowship in the Spirit by Christ Jesus. This divine presence can be here and at the same time, with the same authority, by the same Spirit, in the same name, and could be touching millions of humans or changing situations without regrets or diminishing status. The whole objective of this influence is to communicate the best of human promises, the best of human leadership, the best of human relationships, and finally, the best commitment for humans to follow, which is His divine law of righteousness.

Sin and death has no speck in heaven. Eternity of truth, love, peace, holiness, power, goodness, and glory among limitless virtues are the living edifice in heaven. True power and good purpose streams only from this glorious throne.

Now that explanations on those two vital issues (The person of Jesus and heaven) are clear, it would in place to move forward with the main subject. That is, to connecting Jesus Christ, heaven, and to His bodily ascension to the throne of Glory.

Well, in literary understanding, ascension means something that goes up. That is, any motion upwards, such as when an airplane is taking off. When hikers are climbing up on mountains, they are ascending until they get to the very top. Another is when an employee gets promotion in his or her work place; this is a form of ascending your career ladder. When one is walking the stairwells from a lower to a higher floor, the person is ascending the floors. When smoke from fire goes up in the air, the smoke is ascending into the air. These and much more gives us the picture of what ascension really means. The list if we are to continue is almost endless.

Therefore, when the Holy Bible talks about the ascension of Jesus Christ bodily to heaven, the Holy Scripture is revealing a great and unquestionable supernatural experience that happened in physical form. That is, the moving up of the person of God (Jesus Christ) in real physical body, but that body was absolutely absorb into the fullness of the Spirit to the throne of final authority, which is the glory seat of God.  This means, the physical body became out rightly bright as the spotless form of the Holy Spirit. That physical body of Christ Jesus in ascension had the full Spirit of God and no longer the normal physical body that has blood and water. What this means is that though Christ Jesus after His resurrection from the dead was in flesh, touched in flesh, ate normal food in flesh, and spoke in flesh to men and women.

However, during His ascension, His body became the glorious fulfillment of the supreme authority of God the Father over all things.  That body now wore the glorious presence of eternity as the perfect love and holiness flowing in His veins. All His human features were transformed into visible presence of  Holiness and Love. This was the perfect restoration of the substance of truth, openly observed by all realms, which became the standard living perpetuity of love and holiness. By His ascension, Jesus once and forever declared and revealed the true access to the throne of God the Father is by the Spirit in Him. In higher spiritual context, the same Christ Jesus that ascended to heaven bodily had no blood and water, but the body became the full reservoir and expression of the Holy Spirit. That is, His body (Veins) was the flow of the Spirit of God as a compound design of the unity in godliness. The ascended body of Christ Jesus was the manifestation of the glory, power, love, holiness, and greatness of the living God in full glow in human form, distinctively exalted beyond all realms, yet with the personification of a real person.

Therefore, the significance of this great mystery to the human soul is that Jesus Christ manifested the ultimate dominion of the Spirit over the flesh, and by this, projecting the feat of godliness over barriers and bondage. The spiritual and earthly diagram of that episode is that godliness in humanity is a reality by the real connection of the human heart to the consciousness of truth, love, and life.  Most relevant is that His ascension bodily, was the perfect indicator of Jesus been One with the Father, where He came from. Further, the bodily ascension into heaven was the restoration of life and peace to humanity forever and the magnificence of the heavenly reign of God now encased in the perfect order of the living personality of Christ Jesus and with all believers.

The ascension further signifies that Christ Jesus transported the physical nature in humanity into the perfect and righteous realm in Spirit. At the same token, He restored ownership of all earthly activities to humankind by the living presence of His Spirit (Holy Spirit) inside of those, who believe He is the Christ. In addition, His glorious ascension bodily into Heaven, means the everlasting authority on His name (Christ Jesus) over all things in spiritual and physical realms is in perfect unity with the order of God the Father.

Therefore, the ascension of Christ Jesus bodily to heaven is the complete sovereignty of Truth manifested in flesh (Earth), trusted and confirmed by God the Father and returned in the nature of the divine into His original status.

This was a physical person though perfectly Spirit, defying the laws of gravity by ascending through the sky like smoke into the final residence of perfection.

When Adam fell to the adversary through disobedience to the instruction of God, he lost not just his authority over all things on earth, but most painfully, through Adam, humanity lost fellowship in the presence of God in heaven in Spirit. This exactly was the most significant purpose of Jesus Christ ascension into heaven bodily, which was the restoration of the authority and fellowship to humanity with the divine God.

Clearly, His resurrection was the confirmation or victory over sin and death, while His ascension was the restoration of authority in humanity into the realm of God. That is, the everlasting guarantee and the unbreakable fellowship of the subservient human spirit to the Spirit of God. The ascension was the final declaration to all realms of the absolute presence and authority of God in heaven. His ascension made it known to humanity/existence that the reality of the realm of God in heaven is reachable. This means, the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven made the realization of the glorious reign of God a living proof and not to the subjections on human spiritual revelations. This is because, all human spiritual revelations without the Spirit of Christ are concealed deceits, which constitute the main track of the adversary of God and man. 

In final words, the bodily ascension of Jesus Christ back to the throne in Heaven is the only perfect declaration to humanity of the existence of God, and the reign of His righteousness forever. Jesus Christ in ascension was the guarantee trust to humanity that the Church here on earth is the only presence of goodness and standard-bearer into the eternity of peace, love, and truth. That is, the Spirit of Christ is the only access to the divine Truth and throne of God the Father.

Thank you, Holy Spirit!  Glory to God the Father in Christ Jesus. Amen.


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